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HANSA 12-2021

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SCHIFFSTECHNIK | SHIP TECHNOLOGY German owners opt for Chinese shipyards Like their competitors in Korea and Japan, China’s shipyards are benefiting from the current newbuilding boom. Some German shipowners are also among the current clients – not only from the container shipping segment In various shipping segments, more and more shipowners are able to bring themselves to order newbuildings in view of the good rate development. On the occasion of this year’s Marintec trade fair, we take a look at the Chinese order situation. The familiar game of calculating top positions is of course now being played again. Depending on how one calculates which factor and which factor is perhaps not included, different rankings of the largest shipbuilding nations can emerge – so we will refrain from doing so here. What is clear is that China unsurprisingly plays a major role in the latest newbuilding developments. From January to August alone, newbuildings for 49.1 mill. t deadweight are said to have been ordered in the People’s Republic, an increase of more than 20 %. The shipyards’ order book thus comprises just over 90 mill. t. By comparison, the figure was 28.6 % lower at the end of 2019, when the last Marintec took place. 440 container ships on order One important aspect – although not the only one – is the wave of newbuilding activity in container shipping in recent weeks and months. The industry’s order book comprises more than 23 % of the fleet in service or 5.72 mill. TEU. The latest freight and charter rate trends have left a clear mark. By way of comparison: around twelve months ago the order book accounted for »only« 10.4 % of the fleet in service, with 2.4 mill. TEU on order. For container shipping, market intelligence provider Alphaliner counts 440 orders for Chinese shipyards. 128 of the ships ordered are in the segment above 10,000 TEU, 72 are between 5,100 and 10,000 TEU, another 185 are smaller than 3,000 TEU, while another 55 units are between 3,000 and 5,100 TEU. The total capacity of the ships ordered is 3.2 mill. TEU. In Korea, Japan and the »rest of the world« Valve Remote Control System LNG Loading Actuator Exhaust Valve Control Tank Level Measuring System PPC-IPC Control Station Scrubber Actuators BWMS Actuators Draft Draft Draft Air Lubrication Actuators and Control Cabinets Anti Heeling Radar Sensor LNG Tank FGSS Actuator LNG Handling Engine Temperature Control 50 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 12 | 2021

SCHIFFSTECHNIK | SHIP TECHNOLOGY Lübeck-based Oldendorff Carriers ordered a new series of Kamsarmax bulkers © Oldendorff the order books include 177 and 63 respectively and three container ships of 2.1 mill. TEU, 0.4 mill. TEU and 6,616 TEU. In contrast to the last Marintec edition, according to the information, a Chinese shipbuilding company is currently also ahead in the ranking of ordered capacity. Yangzijiang Shipbuilding reports 829,700 TEU or 116 ships in its order book. It is followed by the three Korean heavyweights Samsung (769,000 TEU / 53 ships), Hyundai (568,000 TEU / 38 ships) and Daewoo (537,000 TEU / 29 ships). Apart from Imabari from Japan in 7th place and Hyundai Samho in 14th place, only Chinese shipyards follow in places 5–15. At the end of 2019, Samsung, Imabari and Daewoo were at the top. Since the beginning of the year, nonoperating owners have ordered not less than 113 ships with a total of 454,000 TEU in the size segments from 1,300 to 7,000 TEU, according to Alphaliner. Especially the tramp shipping companies from Germany, once the dominant force in container shipping but largely absent from the newbuild- Like all things with which we hold course in life, the rudder is a combination of experience, knowledge and strength. We stand up for it with the courage of a lion. LOEWE rudder: higher efficiency, lower fuel costs, less emissions, better reliability HANSA – International Maritime Journal 12 | 2021 Bremen | Hamburg | Germany 51

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