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HANSA 12-2020

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Hansa Tech-Hub DESMI

Hansa Tech-Hub DESMI Firefighting also for Europe now Desmi is bringing its firefighting products to the European market. In Asia, the company is known not only for its pumps but also for its firefighting systems. More than 180 such systems are supplied to ship owners around the globe – though most of these are for ships built in China. There have not been so many installations in European shipyardsyet, says Desmi’s Marine and Offshore Sales Manager, Christian Mellergaard. But he wants to reach out to European ship owners and shipyards to change this. One of Desmi’s products is the low-pressure, water-based FineFog System. »You can kill the fire much easier with mist than by just pouring water on it. These millions of small droplets absorb much more heat, and oxygen is displaced locally at fire source. As a result, an inerting effect is generated, effectively killing the fire,« Mellergaard says. Ships would benefit from the automatic system around high-risk objects like combustion machinery, oil-fired boilers or burners, incinerators or purifiers for heated oil fuel, the company stated. If there is an oil spill that catches fire, then the FineFog nozzles above that application are activated – based on a signal from flame detector or smoke detector – and the alarm sounds. The crew can still enter the room and continue with conventional firefighting with hoses. Or, if necessary, they can release the total flooding mechanism in engine rooms up to 5036 m3. For living areas, hallways, and other accommodation areas like cafeterias, Desmi offers its automatic water sprinkler system. The most common is a conventional wet-pipe system, meaning the piping is filled with pressurized water from a dependable source. It runs with low pressure. A similar, dry pipe system is available for areas where the water in the piping would be subject to freezing. In such a system, air or nitrogen fills the pipes until a fire activates the sprinklers. In that case, air escapes from the pipes and activates the dry pipe valve, causing water to flow from the activated sprinklers. Desmi’s low expansion foam firefighting system protects oil and chemical tanker deck areas, helidecks, or other open deck areas (like loading areas) and closed, horizontal spaces like streamer reel and purifier room. Desmi also offers a water spray/deluge/ drencher system with open nozzles. It is activated by a fire detection system, opening a deluge valve and letting water flow simultaneously from all the open sprinklers in a specific section. • Drahtseile • Tauwerk • Festmacher • CASAR Bordkranseile • Anschlagmittel • Prüflasttest bis 1.000 t • Segelmacherei • Taklerei • Montage Walter Hering KG Porgesring 25 22113 Hamburg Telefon: 040 – 73 61 72 -0 eMail: info@seil-hering.de www.seil-hering.de METIS New monitoring module Metis Cyberspace Technology has launched a new software module to tackle the challenges shipping companies face in monitoring vessel performance to meet Charter Party Agreement (CPA) reporting needs. It allows operators to monitor and track their vessel‘s CPA performance at a glance through an online platform using a set of visually rich dashboards. Once all CPA terms are imported into the system the user can monitor all vessels concerned and identify potential deviations to specified consumption and speed terms. In addition, the system provides automated notifications in case the speed consumption curve exceeds certain predefined limits. 56 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 12 | 2020

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