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HANSA 11-2019

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Hansa-Special-Marintec 2019 Marintec cruising into the future Marintec China celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2019. Intelligent systems, green products and luxury cruise are dominating the agenda The trade show, taking place from 3-6 December at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, provides a hub for both exhibitors and visitors to exchange knowledge, to explore and optimise business opportunities. It will definitely be interesting, how the maritime industry will be presenting itself against the backdrop of the current market environment of both ship technology and shipping. As the growth of global shipping trade slowed down this year, the international shipbuilding market does not seem to have too many reasons to be optimistic. The number of new ship deliveries in the first half year decreased by more than 50% compared with last year. Nevertheless, Marintec China 2019 has achieved a positive growth, benefitting from the new environmental rules and new technologies as well as positive stimulation of market adjustment, marine market industrial integration and Asia-Pacific market development. More than 2,100 exhibitors and over 65,000 professional visitors are to be expected. The exhibition area will exceed 90,000 m2. »We have confidence that the scale of Marintec China will be bigger than the last edition,« the organizers, Informa Markets and the Shanghai Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers (SSNAME), say. In this year’s edition of Marintec, the focus is going to be on smart shipping, luxury, gas carriers, »green products« and – most interesting from a European perspective – cruise ships. According to the Marintec organizers, the »smart ship« topic experienced a successful debut as back in 2017. In fact, intelligence has penetrated into all the maritime fields in the form of machine learning, automation and Big Data today. From concepts it has evolved to products such as connected devices, systems and platforms. The economical development and environmental regulations in recent years have created a business environment where efficiency is key and where smart digital solutions have become important enablers. The Senior Maritime Forum held concurrently with the exhibition will have the theme of »Innovation, Intelligence and Fusion«, featuring sessions on Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering, Shipping & Ports, Marine Finance and Law, Marine Equipment Technology and the Marine Equipment Technology session will focus on the application of intelligent technologies, cross-border technologies and etc. Another focal point in Marintec China 2019 will be the construction and interior of cruise ships. For the Cruise Interiors part, the trade show is going to have a dedicated exhibition zone named »Marintec Interiors« in Hall N4, featuring topics such as decks, reception, cabin and suite, bar and restaurant, theatre and recreation and relaxation. Major design and construction parties, contractors and subcontractors, classification societies and supporting enterprises have been invited as exhibitors for this area. There will also be many open seminars focusing on the cruise shipbuilding market in Asia and a »Cruise Interiors« session will be held during the Senior Maritime Forum. Renowned international experts will be invited to share their view from the different aspects of aesthetic design, project management, construction technology, safety specifications and etc. Besides, LNG fuel systems, ballast water treatment systems, desulfurization devices and other environmental products will be highlighted. 16 Hansa-Special | Marintec 2019

汉 莎 中 国 特 刊 中 国 国 际 海 事 技 术 学 术 会 议 和 展 览 会 前 往 未 来 中 国 国 际 海 事 技 术 学 术 会 议 和 展 览 会 会 在 二 〇 一 九 年 庆 祝 四 十 周 年 。 智 能 系 统 , 环 保 产 品 和 豪 华 游 轮 已 成 为 主 要 议 题 。 欧 洲 的 宾 客 应 该 会 对 游 轮 的 议 题 特 别 感 兴 趣 。 该 行 业 是 欧 洲 造 船 企 业 的 最 后 据 点 , 也 是 许 多 供 应 商 的 主 要 市 场 。 由 于 船 舶 智 能 已 经 从 在 二 〇 一 七 年 的 中 国 国 际 海 事 技 术 学 术 会 展 览 过 的 概 念 发 展 到 当 今 市 场 的 产 品 , 环 境 技 术 和 智 能 船 舶 会 是 另 一 个 焦 点 。 在 仍 然 充 满 挑 战 的 市 场 环 境 下 , 海 事 行 业 将 如 何 在 二 〇 一 九 年 的 中 国 国 际 海 事 技 术 学 术 会 展 示 它 本 身 , 肯 定 会 是 有 趣 的 。 Apart from the Senior Maritime Forum and the exhibition, many associations and enterprises will host almost a hundred of separate forums, technical exchanges, product launches, signing ceremonies and award ceremonies during the event period. Marintec is intended to act as a bridge between the Chinese and the international maritime sector. The trade show makers want to play a pro-active role in advancing Chinese and foreign exchanges and cooperation in marine technology, economic and trade cooperation, ship financing, safety and insurance, rules and regulations, environmental protection and other areas. Marintec China made its debut at the beginning of the China reform and opening-up and is held once every two years in Shanghai in an odd-numbered year, witnessing the changes of the Chinese shipbuilding industry. To date, 19 consecutive editions of Marintec China have been organized successfully with steady growth over the past 40 years. ED Hansa-Special | Marintec 2019 17

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