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HANSA 11-2019

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HANSA-SPECIAL | MARINTEC 2019 A plea for free trade and Power-to-X After a successful year for the shipbuilding and offshore supply industry as a whole, with rising business and the placement of the Maritime Energy Turnaround, we are looking forward to Marintec China, the most important shipbuilding trade fair in Asia. The German shipbuilding and offshore supply industry with its approximately 64,000 highly qualified employees is on a growth course in 2019. The export-oriented German maritime suppliers, like the mechanical engineering industry as a whole, are part of a global value chain and support their components and systems throughout the entire life cycle of the ship or plant. Customs barriers, entry restrictions and complicated export controls are poison for a market that is just picking up again. The increasing restrictions on free trade with the USA, China, Russia, Turkey and soon also Great Britain are endangering jobs and prosperity, not only in Germany. With its »Thank you – Free Trade« campaign, the VDMA is trying to counter this trend and intends to inform the public about the benefits of open borders for the benefit of peace and freedom: Our economic power and thus our prosperity, not only in Germany, but in many countries of the world, would not be possible without free trade. China in particular is one of the best examples of this. The German shipbuilding and offshore supply industry generates a good half of its sales in Germany and Europe, where low-emission shipping is the driver of developments. The other half of the turnover is generated abroad. In addition to established customers, there are also many new customers in Asia and the Middle East who can be convinced with tailor-made offers. Customer requirements are increasing with digital developments. New ideas are to be implemented through technical innovation and, at the same time, the availability during on-going operation is contractually guaranteed. This is both a challenge and an opportunity, because this is one of the competitive advantages of German maritime suppliers. At the same time, the requirements in the established Asian markets will change in the medium term. In addition to Japan and South Korea, China is also continuing its efforts in special shipbuilding, currently in particular for ferries and cruise ships for the domestic market. The VDMA supports its member companies in gaining their own impression of the situation and the local decision-making processes and at the same time © Fotolia speaks out in favour of fair international cooperation and against protectionism. The entire maritime industry in Germany must recognise its strengths in global competition and make joint use of them. The continuously and rapidly growing new Power-to-X has huge potential for shipping digital possibilities lead to closer, previously unknown, cross-departmental cooperation. The entire logistics chain is networked. This requires standardization of the interfaces. Here the operators in shipping and the suppliers are pulling in the same direction, since it is also a matter of smooth and efficient operation throughout the entire service life of the ship or offshore facility. Manufacturers of maritime components and systems, including control and automation technology, meet in the VDMA to jointly draft guidelines for the Type Package (MTP) module in a standard sheet. At the same time, OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) must be defined as the standard for communication and data exchange in the field of industrial automation for the entire mechanical and plant-engineering sector. Climate neutrality at sea is a crucial future topic for shipbuilding suppliers. Here, again, it is important to think and act in a networked manner. It is important 8 Hansa-Special | Marintec 2019

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