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HANSA 10-2022

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Peter Gast Schiffahrtsregatta · PortPIC · Unterwasser-Reinigung · HIPER · Noske-Kaeser · IG-Metall-Schiffbaustudie · ISF-Tagung · SMM 2022 · Maritime Future Summit · 225 Jahre VHA/VHT


SMM HUB EXXONMOBIL Palantir digital platform integrates lubricants monitoring service ExxonMobil is adding new features to its Mobil Serv Cylinder Condition Monitoring service through partnering with Palantir Technologies, a leading builder of operating systems for the modern enterprise. The coming enhancements combine ExxonMobil’s maritime knowledge and engine lubrication expertise with Palantir’s digital platform and analytics capability to deliver detailed insights into vessel operations and help protect engine components from premature wear. These improvements are derived from ExxonMobil’s patented technology and library of onboard test results, which contains more than three quarters of a million data points. Palantir Technologies’ Foundry platform will enable complete integration and advanced analysis of these records, enabling vessel operators to benchmark their engines’ performance against similar models in a range of operating conditions, whilst enabling broader organisational benefits such as trend analysis across entire fleets and similar vessels. According to ExxonMobil, this will be indispensable as the marine industry starts its transition to lower carbon fuels. During a period of operational uncertainties, knowing how an engine is performing will provide welcome reassurance and help supply valuable insights into the performance and operation of new fuels and engine designs. © ExxonMobil LIBERIAN REGISTRY MoU signed on autonomous ship tech The Liberian Registry, the world’s second largest ship registry, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), Avikus and DNV to collaborate on autonomous ship technology developments. »Over the last five years the Liberian Registry has participated in over 30 joint industry projects, all with focus on innovative ship design features, new technologies and alternative fuels. While the overarching goal with these projects is to decarbonize international shipping, we also have to ensure the safety of navigation. Through the adoption of innovative technologies for autonomous shipping this MoU will seek to enhance both safety of navigation and reduce GHG emissions«, the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR) stated. The Hyundai intelligent Navigation Assistant System (HiNAS 2.0) is an AI-based navigation solution that assists in safe navigation by displaying AR (augmented reality) images of detected ships and navigation information. Developed by AVIKUS, a subsidiary of Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), the system creates optimal routes for collision avoidance in the ocean, aiming to reduce crew fatigue and increase fuel efficiency. The MoU includes a joint study to deploy autonomous navigation systems on board ships to increase technology uptake by the industry and flag states. During the project, Avikus, HHI and Liberian Registry will actively contribute to developing autonomous maritime solutions that comply with DNV Rules on autonomous operations, where AVIKUS aims to obtain an Approval in Principle from DNV and Liberian Registry. »Innovative technologies that enhances safety of navigation and reduce GHG emissions must be supported from a regulatory perspective,« said Alfonso Castillero, CEO of LISCR. DATASTORMS Versatile data management software Datastorms, a new and innovative app for smart data management, was launched at the SMM in Hamburg. Martijn van Loenen, director of Datastorms: »The SMM Hamburg is all about digital transformation, climate change and the maritime energy transition, which is exactly where Datastorms makes the difference. The software makes all data (i.e. knowledge) of a company easily available to the users through a semantic database, so, long searches for information now belong to the past.« According to van Loenen, the app’s features include management of maritime requirements and verification of requirements to the management of auditing and certification data as well as smart inventory management. »Datastorms was developed because a lot of the activities that we do on a daily basis can be done much smarter and cheaper. Datastorms continues where other programs stop. For example, do you want to make your data centrally available to your team or company so that everyone always has the same information? Do it with Datastorms, because with Excel different versions often go back and forth or a file gets damaged… with nasty consequences,« said van Loenen. Version control is also no longer necessary because with the 100% traceability function, all changes that were made in the past can easily be viewed and reverted if necessary. »Assigning rights is also a piece of cake, so that you can even let customers and suppliers watch or cooperate with your project. This way data will work much smarter for you,« van Loenen explained. As many customers already have their own systems running, Datastorms can also be used as a smart link that can handle »almost all« maritime ERP systems and easily make reports based on the data in an existing system. 48 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 10 | 2022

SMM HUB DNV Remote compliance verification At the SMM trade fair in Hamburg in early September, classification society DNV announced the launch of its new NAUTConnect service. Offered as an additional voluntary class notation and developed in collaboration with the industry, NAUTConnect is hosted on DNV’s Veracity platform and is designed to enable the optimal performance and safety of navigational systems. NAUTConnect is a continuous remote compliance verification system for electronic navigational systems and integrated network equipment. It covers onboard systems and data collection infrastructure, onshore systems and data standards, as well as procedures for system health monitoring and compliance verification. The voluntary class notation includes MO and class requirements, as well as requirements for service providers, for example OEMs involved in monitoring and maintaining given systems and equipment. It also enables vessel owners and managers to keep better track of hardware and software updates and replacements. Key industry contributors included, navigation systems manufacturer Kongsberg Maritime (KM) and its digital arm, Kongsberg Digital (KDI), while Norway’s Hurtigruten Coastal is one of several shipowners that piloted the service. MON-IT Ship monitoring via smartphone Mon-it Group presented at SMM in Hamburg its new control system called OF SHIP offers an automatic, 24/7 monitoring system. The solution is able to detect and measure deformations in 2D and 3D of an object of any shape and of a rigid or semirigid nature using sensitive optical fibers. Accordimng to Monit, the OF SHIP system ensures real time monitoring of deformations and tensional state of the hull, decks, loading plans and tanks. The system also includes measurement of the vibrations of the vessel and its components, measurement of applied loads, pressure and deterioration of elements such as loading floors, appendages, others as well as measurement of corrosive phenomena along the structure of the ship and its components. Further capabilities are monitoring of the profile and thermal behavior of the engine and its components and monitoring of squashing and deformation effects of the tanks. The network uses small fibre-optic cables (between 150 microns) and passive sensors that do not require a power supply, do not suffer or produce electromagnetic interference, are insensitive to water and allow signals to be transmitted over long distances (up to about 100 km) with negligible power losses; at the same time, it is a very long-lived technology, says Mon-it, because it is based on the transmission of light alone, which generates a hundred-year decay of the glass inside which it propagates. The data, once acquired, is passed to Mon-it’s IoT platform, where it is analyzed in real time to produce alerts and alarms in the event of anomalies, periodic reports and the development of predictive analyses as well as processing by means of Artificial Intelligence models to optimize maintenance activities and prevent possible future structural damage. NEWSWIRE, PODCAST, INFOSCREEN HANSA zeigt Präsenz auf der SMM HANSA DAILY NEWSWIRE Knapp 200 Seiten stark und voller Informationen zu Ausstellern und Inhalten der SMM – das hatte bereits die September-Ausgabe der HANSA, geboten. Zusätzlich gab es an den HANSA Daily Newswire – die aktuell produzierte Messezeitung mit Terminen, Neuigkeiten von Unternehmen und den Konferenzen. HANSA SMM PODCAST Neu im diesjährigen HANSA-Programm war auch der SMM HANSA PODCAST – der Expertentalk in einem neuen Format. Den Auftakt machte Torgeir Sterri, Regional Manager West Europe bei DNV. Danach folgten Marc Mühlenbeck and Josefin Klindt vom Batteriehersteller EST Floattech, Peter Müller-Baum (CIMAC) als Vertreter der zahlreichen Motorenhersteller und Boris Hermann, Weltumsegler und Klimabotschafter. SMM-News auf den Infoscreens Erstmals war die HANSA mit SMM- News auf den Info screens und Video-Stelen auf den Hamburger Bahnhöfen präsent und hat zweimal am Tag Schlagzeilen und Schlaglichter von der SMM geliefert. HANSA – International Maritime Journal 10 | 2022 49

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