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HANSA 10-2022

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Peter Gast Schiffahrtsregatta · PortPIC · Unterwasser-Reinigung · HIPER · Noske-Kaeser · IG-Metall-Schiffbaustudie · ISF-Tagung · SMM 2022 · Maritime Future Summit · 225 Jahre VHA/VHT


TECH-INNOVATION POWERED BY VDMA - MARINE EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEMS German marine suppliers – trends and technologies TECH-INNOVATION powered by VDMA – Marine Equipment and Systems: This section within the HANSA magazine features brief updates on technical developments, innovations and market launches from the powerful marine equipment industry organised in its association VDMA Hauke Schlegel, Managing Director VDMA – Marine Equipment and Systems © VDMA In all the exhibition halls of the world‘s leading shipbuilding trade fair, SMM 2022 in Hamburg in September, a spirit of optimism could be felt. The shipping and marine technology industries have taken on the big tasks, first and foremost the huge effort to decarbonise global shipping in the shortest possible time. Since good money is currently being earned in maritime shipping, the chances are good that this will also be economically viable. This huge task can only be achieved through the perfect interplay of a variety of new technologies provided by the industry. Some good examples of this can be found in the following articles of this special. The increasing complexity of the different systems on board and the multiplication of data recorded and processed everywhere in the ship‘s operation as well as the automation commands call for effective standards for communication and integration on board. The MTP standard has taken a big step forward in recent weeks for the application in ship automation. We in VDMA are proud to offer the development platform for this standard and to support this initiative of leading shipyards, suppliers and research institutes. In all areas of ship technology, intensified cooperation is now essential in view of the major tasks. To this end, the companies, experts and researchers as well as the institutions in the technology-leading countries near and far are opening up to each other. This is how we will succeed – let us all make our contribution! The VDMA, Europe’s largest industrial association, represents approx. 3,500 German and European companies in the engineering and plant construction sector. VDMA – Marine Equipment and Systems represents the export-oriented maritime sector serving the global markets of shipping, shipbuilding and the offshore oil & gas industry. Industry and Business Events & Exhibitions 13th German Mechanical Engineering Summit 11 – 12 October | Berlin, Germany Business initiation tour Japan 16 – 21 October | Tokyo/Imabari, Japan FLIBS 26 – 30 October | Fort Lauderdale, USA OSEA 15 – 17 November | Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Marintec China 7 – 10 December | Shanghai, China OTC – 1 - 4 May | Houston, USA Seatrade Cruise Global 2 – 4 May | Miami, USA Business initiation tour Marine Equipment Greece May 2023 (tbd) | Athens, Greece CIPPE | China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition 31 May – 02 June | Beijing, China Business initiation tour Marine Equipment USA south June 2023 (tbd) | New Orleans/ Mobile, USA Nor-Shipping 06 - 09 June | Oslo, Norway CIMAC Congress 12 – 16 June | Busan, South Korea For more information on the events or participation – please contact VDMA: nord@vdma.org. + 49 40 50 72 070 32 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 10 | 2022

TECH-INNOVATION POWERED BY VDMA - MARINE EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEMS © Wroblewski WOODWARD SOGAV product acquires IGF-code compliance Rick Boom explained the new valve to HANSA on the occasion of the SMM Körting ejectors for the shipbuilding industry © Woodward The SOGAV235 Woodward’s Colorado SOGAV and Compliance teams have achieved a significant milestone with the company’s SOGAV product line. The SOGAV235 is now IGFcode-compliant and officially listed for IGF zone »0« applications. Also the SOGAV105/145 has recently received the listing for IGF zone »0«. »Achieving IGF-code compliance represents a considerable challenge. One that the Woodward team has mastered smoothly – both in terms of NPI design and manufacturing location qualification«, the supplier said. The SOGAV235 is now IGF-code-compliant and officially listed for IGF zone »0« applications. Compliance for the SOGAV105/145 is in the pipeline and expected in the not-too-distant future. Work on compliance for the SOGAV65 is also underway. Woodward’s newly developed SOGAV235 gas admission valves succeed the company’s SOGAV250 and are commonly used in marine engine applications. The SOGAV235 will provide the same benefits as the SOGAV65 and SOGAV105 INSERT. SOGAV valves (Solenoid-Operated Gas Admission Valves) are a family of electrically actuated, high-response gas admission valves for in-manifold (port) fuel admission. They are designed for use on four-cycle, turbocharged, natural gas or dual-fuel engines. The performance and characteristics of a gas and dual-fuel internal combustion engine are significantly influenced by SOGAV gas admission valves. SOGAV valves provide reliable and precise control of gas fuel admission in multipoint gas and dual-fuel engines. Woodward SOGAV valves are used in power generation, marine, rail and mining vehicle applications. The SOGAV valve is designed to be used as the valve portion of an overall gaseous fuel admission system delivering precise gas mass flow metering per cylinder. This enables gas engines and dual-fuel engines to operate lean burn – with increased efficiency and reduced emissions. They are available in gas mass flow metering capacities ranging from 70 kw/cyl to 1500 kw/cyl. »We are very proud to have been the first in the world to produce SOGAVvalves for Zone ›0‹«, said Rick Boom, Director Marketing – Large Engines, General Manager at Woodward Inc. Member of the board and Vice President at CIMAC, at the launch of the new product at SMM. The development of the valves took three years. Others for operation with hydrogen and ammonia are to follow, he said. trouble-free operation for life! HANSA – International Maritime Journal 10 | 2022 33 +49 511 2129-446 | sales@koerting.de

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