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HANSA 10-2021

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Tech-Innovation powered by VDMA · Leichtbau · Markt-Kompass Offshore-Wind-Schiffe · US-Verkehr & Häfen · Peter Gast Schiffahrtsregatta · HIPER Review & Award · Fährschifffahrt


TECH-INNOVATION POWERED BY VDMA - MARINE EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEMS SAACKE MARINE SYSTEMS Safe sea transport of liquefied gas New GCU evo © Saacke With the new GCU evo, Saacke Marine Systems has developed a new solution for methane combustion on LNG tankers. The further development of the classic Gas Combustion Unit consists of a combination with a modified surface burner. In order to take into account the ever decreasing space available in the engine room of LNG tankers, Saacke has designed this system solution with significantly smaller dimensions with the same or even improved performance. Moreover NOx emissions are reduced in the range of 60 to 80 mg/m 3 thanks to special cold flame technology and digital remote maintenance can be used. The optimized design also reduces the installation and maintenance costs, the company says. No special foundation is required for the GCU evo with an output of 5.5 to 63 MW. The system can be mounted directly on the deck as a standalone unit. In addition, the surface burner offers a short flame and requires a smaller number of blowers. The further development does not forego the proven strengths of the classic GCU – such as fail-safe control, electric ignition and the 100 % free-flow solution for combustion of the methane components in the climate-damaging boil-off gas without a compressor and at very low pressure. The GCU evo is available in different output sizes from 0.4 to 4.5 t/h methane combustion with various size gradations. The Saacke company specialises in highly efficient and low-emission combustion systems. The company have already installed over 20,000 systems worldwide. As specialists, Saacke plans, develops and manufactures burners and system solutions for industrial thermal processes. THE BEST EXPERIENCE WITH TRANSFORMERS. Transformers – Made in Germany The right transformer whatever the task: Individually developed or proven standard solutions – we deliver the highest quality for every industry. Cast resin transformers // Oil-immersed transformers Starting transformers // Testing transformers Reactors // Special and Regulating transformers PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE www.htt-trafo.de CUSTOM FITTED STRAIGHT TO TARGET 60 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 10 | 2021

TECH-INNOVATION POWERED BY VDMA - MARINE EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEMS REINTJES New small marine gearbox WF series launched For the universal use on board the gear manufacturer Reintjes headquartered in Hameln, has introduced a new series of small gearboxes designated as the WF Series. New propulsion engines, different fuels and new hybrid drives along with individual customer requirements and shorter delivery times represent the main key innovation drivers in the development of the new WF gear series. The WF 350, WF 370 and WF 380 are the first of nine gearbox sizes now going into series production. Compared to its predecessor, the WF 370 marine gear unit is one third lighter, and it also transmits more power despite its more compact dimensions. Reintjes has designed the WF series as a modular system. This objective is to quickly provide a configurable system solution for outputs up to 1000 kW, especially in view of new drive systems. Yachts, tugs, inland freighters, workboats, fishing trawlers: the universally applicable WF series is designed especially for these types of ships. With this new development, Reintjes follows the trend towards higher engine speeds of modern diesel and LNG drives, the company says. The higher engine speeds and high efficiency, slower turning propellers make numerically higher gear ratios necessary on the transmission side. Furthermore, there is a trend towards hybrid drives, also required as a simple retrofit solution that can be satisfied by the WF series. With the availability of the WF series, Reintjes has made sure to meet these broad design requirements to be able to deliver a modern, flexible, modular marine gearbox to the Global Propulsion Market. WF Series The WF series can be flexibly configured. This advantage results in shorter delivery times and faster availability, Reintjes says. Knowing from the system what is possible – this advantage also saves valuable time in the early phase of a construction project, as reliable statements on feasibility can be made quickly, the company continues. The smaller dimensions of the WF 370, the first size of the new gearbox series, ensure that there is more room for manoeuvre during installation. This is a »real advantage«, especially in retrofitting – for example, when ships are later to be fitted with a modern hybrid drive. The WF system offers a wide range of combination options, especially with regard to PTO/PTI solutions. © Reintjes Elastic Support for Exhaust Pipe Systems & Scrubber/SCR SB BRONESKE Headquarters +49-4106-80750-0 mail@broneske.de www.broneske.de SB BRONESKE China +86-532-856-319-30 china@broneske.de www.broneske.cn HANSA – International Maritime Journal 10 | 2021 61

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