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HANSA 10-2021

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Tech-Innovation powered by VDMA · Leichtbau · Markt-Kompass Offshore-Wind-Schiffe · US-Verkehr & Häfen · Peter Gast Schiffahrtsregatta · HIPER Review & Award · Fährschifffahrt


TECH-INNOVATION POWERED BY VDMA - MARINE EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEMS eLog: Electronic logbook launched Raytheon Anschütz, a business of Raytheon Technologies, has launched an electronic logbook for ships. Called eLog, it provides secure, high-quality logbook data and is a significant step toward paperless shipping and improved efficiency of onboard processes Example of digital eLog-records eLog access and data entries are possible from various devices Featuring automatic data entry from navigation systems such as the automatic identification system (AIS) or the integrated navigation system (INS), at defined intervals, eLog also enables data input by crews via laptop or mobile devices, including approval workflows. »Incomplete, incorrect or illegible logbooks are a thing of the past,« the company says. Raytheon Anschütz innovated eLog to offer transparent and reliable documentation, based on the actual sensor data and plausibility checks. Consisting of a small gateway computer, which just needs a connection to AIS or INS to enable the automatic data entries, and a web browser application for manual data inputs and data access, eLog uses blockchain technology to ensure secure, tamperproof digital archiving of data. It offers comprehensive and intuitive search and filter functions in order to simplify data analysis, reporting or data export with manual data inputs by the crew supported by templates. Another advantage is that the eLog has a data interface to the cloud. According to Raytheon Anschütz taking traditional logbook data and making it digitally usable is often difficult and inefficient or even impossible. With the eLog, customers can access the data in real time through a generic, modern web interface from anywhere in the world. And it is secure because the data cannot be changed. Supporting all traditional logbook entries, eLog is recognized as a full equivalent to a traditional logbook by several international leading flag states, including Germany. Future extensions to come In this first version, the eLog covers the deck logbook, the bell book and the noon report. Future extensions of the scope and use with further reports are already in planning. According to the company eLog eliminates the cost and effort of paper logbook logistics, and it is a relief for the crew in stressful situations. It comes at low initial cost for setup and is then available under an annual subscription service. And it is manufacturerindependent, so that every customer can actually benefit, Raytheon Anschütz states. The eLog is type-approved under the ISO standard 21745:2019 ‘electronic record books for ships.’ Start of sales is expected in beginning of October 2021. © Raytheon Anschütz 58 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 10 | 2021

TECH-INNOVATION POWERED BY VDMA - MARINE EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEMS 3 questions to … Björn Schröder Product Manager for ECDIS and eLog at Raytheon Anschütz, Kiel »Full equivalent to a paper logbook« For which ship types or ship segments is eLog suitable?? Björn Schröder: The eLog is actually suitable for every ship that has to keep a deck logbook, and for every ship with the need for reliable document and digital data usage. It is also independent from the maker of the automatic identification system or the navigation system of the ship. Do I still need the traditional paper logbook if I use eLog? Schröder: No. Our eLog is compliant with the ISO 21745:2019 standard for electronic logbooks and various flag states already accept the eLog as a full equivalent to a paper logbook. Based on our experience, we can cooperate with any flag that is of interest to shipping companies and seek for approval. How is eLog protected against external manipulation? Schröder: The eLog is tamperproof by using blockchain technology and it only allows personalized users within a strict approval process. There has been great progress in IT solutions. PROPULSION Combining the best of two worlds ZF is contributing to a clean and sustainable future in shipping with its wide-ranging from the innovative hybrid propulsion technology that ZF produces for almost all application segments. Dive into our showroom www.zfmarinemobility.com HANSA – International Maritime Journal 10 | 2021 59

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