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HANSA 10-2021

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Tech-Innovation powered by VDMA · Leichtbau · Markt-Kompass Offshore-Wind-Schiffe · US-Verkehr & Häfen · Peter Gast Schiffahrtsregatta · HIPER Review & Award · Fährschifffahrt


TECH-INNOVATION POWERED BY VDMA - MARINE EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEMS We support you in the EEXI/CII certification process. ABB Containerized energy storage offers plug-in battery power ABB has responded to rapidly rising demand for low and zero emissions from ships by developing Containerized ESS – a complete, plug-in solution to install sustainable marine energy storage at scale, housed in a 20ft high-cube ISO container and ready to integrate with the vessel’s main power distribution system. Due to ABB the Containerized ESS brings new simplicity to energy storage retrofitting with all batteries, converters, transformer, controls, cooling and auxiliary equipment pre-assembled in the self-contained unit for ‘plug and play’ use. »Fuel savings, lower emissions and increased safety during operation and maintenance are the demand drivers for energy storage systems in the newbuild ship market, where ABB has extensive experience. With Containerized ESS, we are delighted to be able to offer these benefits to owners of existing ships with a onestop retrofit solution,« said Jyri Jusslin, Head of Service, ABB Marine & Ports. The Containerized ESS solution is suitable for integration on board a wide variety of ships. Offshore support vessels, for instance, would particularly benefit from a self-contained solution, as the electrical room space on board is especially limited. Flexible and costeffective energy storage system technology would also be relevant to container ships, ferries, drill ships and other vessel types. The solution offers one of the highest energy densities in the market within a 20ft container, offering a standardized installation, which adds up to lower costs and faster delivery. The Containerized ESS is a technically mature solution that answers to shipowners’ demand to retrofit vessel power distribution systems and add a battery of significant capacity. The preassembled and factory-tested equipment and cabling make the Containerized ESS easy to integrate with all vessel sub-systems. It is also supported by the ABB Ability Marine Remote Diagnostics System, which offers continuous monitoring for preventive maintenance and fast and easy system repair. Phone: Email: sales@mmg-propeller.de www.mecklenburger-metallguss.com The Propeller ABB‘s Containerized Energy Storage System integrates battery power in a standard 20ft container © ABB 56 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 10 | 2021

TECH-INNOVATION POWERED BY VDMA - MARINE EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEMS GEA New marine separator offers higher efficiency Based on the CWA 15375 standard, the GEA marine separator prime sets »new standards in separation efficiency, offers the best certified flow rates (CFR) on the market and is tailored exactly to the dimensions of the customer’s engine«, the company says. With the current generation of centrifuges with integrated direct drive, ship operations will be more economical, requires less maintenance and saves space on board, GEA continues. GEA centrifugal separators specialize in fuel and lube oil treatment, bilge water treatment and sludge removal in marine applications. With their high accelerating power, the separators ensure »reliable performance and economical operation of marine engines and increase service life even under extreme conditions«, the manufacturer says . The separator with integrated direct drive represents the latest generation of © GEA GEA marine Separator prime separators with its characteristics of saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint. With the direct drive, the separator does not require a conventional separate motor, belt or clutch. Only after 16,000 operating hours or after two years the drive unit is replaced by a GEA OEM certified exchange unit with full new warranty. According to GEA one of the biggest advantages for all ship operators is that, for the first time, the spindle and motor are available as a compact plug-and-play exchange drive unit. Thanks to the efficiency of the drive and the absence of belts, almost all the energy is transferred directly to the bowl. This saves up to 30,000 kWh per year. With the GEA marine Upgrade Kit, GEA automates the functionality of its separators. For customers, this means optimized operation of their plants, an improved carbon footprint and realized cost savings. The Upgrade Kit is available as a retrofit solution for OSC, OSD and OSE separators. Within the GEA marine Separator prime the Upgrade Kit is already included in the scope of the prime line. High availability Low space requirement Easy installation NEW: GCU evo For LNG tankers and bunker vessels Combustion of the boil-off gases on the basis of the 100 % free-flow solution Low NOx values thanks to cold flame technology Short flame due to surface burner Methane combustion from 0.4 to 4.5 t/h For more information SAACKE GmbH Südweststraße 13 | 28237 Bremen, Germany | Tel. +49 421 6495-0 | marine@saacke.com HANSA – International Maritime Journal 10 | 2021 www.saacke.com 57

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