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HANSA 10-2019

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Sicherheit auf Kreuzfahrt | SatComm | 37. Schiffahrtsregatta | Kraftstoff Ammoniak | Ausbildung | Kanzlei-Report | Fußball: Reeder vs. Banker | Markt-Kompass Offshore | Fährschifffahrt

Finanzierung | Financing

Finanzierung | Financing 2020 What next? Turmoil and transition – when the going gets tough, the tough get going! Preparations for the 0.5% sulphur cap/IMO 2020 are in place by now – now it’s about ensuring a smooth implementation without disruption. What next? Even bigger challenges are ahead with the emerging regulations for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from shipping. The IMO stipulates carbon emissions to be slashed by half by 2050. The efficiency race is on! 11:00 Welcoming Speech | Opening Remarks 11:15 Market Review Shipping markets were full of surprises again this year, with rates fluctuating between historic lows and multi-year highs. Andrew Wilson, head of research at French ship-broking giant Barry Rogliano Salles, will take a look at underlying developments in the main shipping markets. Leaving the post-2008 depression behind: What next for dry and wet markets? •• Andrew Wilson, Head of Energy Research, BRS Brokers 11:35 Keynote Volatile trade growth, regulatory change and soaring energy costs, risk cumulation on ultra-large container ships – these are just a few of the challenges for container lines today. Hear from one of the top carriers and shipowners in the container sector how they shape their business over the coming years and what it means for business partners and customers alike. »2020 and beyond: The development path for liner shipping from the MSC perspective« •• tba, Executive Management, MSC (Geneve) 11:55 Panel discussion: Green and smart, no matter what? The bar in terms of energy efficiency and emission reductions in deepsea shipping has been raised significantly over the past years, with regulators and the industry working towards a goal of 50 % lower carbon emissions by 2050. Our panel brings together leading players from different sectors to review and discuss developments in energy- and propulsion-related innovation. Ship operations 2020 and beyond: matching efficiency and sustainability •• Joris Van Brussel, CEO & Global General Manager, Shell Marine •• Nicholas Makar, Senior Vice President, Marshall Islands Registry •• tba, Lloyd’s Register •• tba, Port of Rotterdam 12:45 Lunch 13:45 Sub-Keynote Shipmanagement The transformation from manual to digital processes keeps third party managers on their toes while the recovery in shipping markets offers greater opportunities to some. Digitisation and economies of scale in ship management – taking vessel performance to a higher level. A glimpse into the future from the V.Ships perspective. •• Franck Kayser, Group Managing Director, V.Ships 14:05 S&P Market Outlook This year proves to be a turbulent and dynamic year with quite a bit of fluctuation of vessels following ownership changes. Ship prices and liquidity: Where is the market headed? •• Christiane Wittig, Chief Analyst, Ingenieurbüro Weselmann 14:25 Shipowners’ Panel The new market landscape. Vibrant German market players share experiences, insights and visions. How to continue or resume growth after years of pressure and market headwinds? A new start in rising markets? Navigate the future – the view of German shipowners •• Constantin Baack, Board Member Shipping, MPC Capital AG & CEO, MPC Container Ships ASA •• Martin Harren, Managing Director/Owner, Harren & Partner •• Dr. Kurt Klemme, Managing Director, Reederei Nord •• Jan-Hendrik Többe, Managing Director/Owner, Zeaborn Group 14:55 Sub-Keynote Capital Markets Interest from institutional investors in shipping remains low, keeping IPO activity depressed and also limiting liquidity in the ships sale & purchase markets in 2019. What is needed to reignite interest in the capital markets? What the money wants, what shipping can offer – investment strategies and capital market trends. What will 2020 bring to light? •• Erik Helberg, CEO, Clarksons Platou Securities 15:15 Coffee Break 14 HANSA International Maritime Journal 10 | 2019

Finanzierung | Financing 2020 WHAT NEXT? CHECK THE PROGRAMME HAMBURG 21 NOVEMBER 2019 MORE INFO OR REGISTER 16:00 Investors’ Panel Private equity investors have branched out from pure asset play to equity investments in managers/operators and shipping loan portfolios on a large scale. This round-table brings together investors and their service providers to discuss emerging opportunities and what expected rise in shipping loans sales will mean for them. Buying, Selling, Holding: Investment strategies in shipping today •• Nicolai Heidenreich, Managing Partner, Ness, Risan and Partners •• Aaron Sen, Head of Shipping, Mount Street Capital •• Paulo Almeida, Portfolio Manager, Tufton Oceanic Ltd. •• tba, Breakwater Capital 16:30 Chinese Leasing China’s ship financing machine is still going strong although big leasing deals have faded a little from the headlines. However, the large volumes make it still difficult for small and medium-sized shipowners to tap into this source of funding. Funding from Asia: Status quo and outlook for ship financing in the east tba 17:00 Shipping Bank Update Traditional ship lenders have either exited the market or drastically scaled back their exposure since the heydays of 2005-2007. Quite a number of portfolios have changed hands since then, with plenty of restructuring and refinancing still ahead. How about the future? Which banks will be there to support shipowners starting from a clean sheet? How are terms and margins developing? 17:00 Racking up fresh shipping business? •• ON STAGE: Nicholas Blanchard, CCO, HCOB 17:20 Panel discussion Ship lending old and new: Catching up with fleet growth? •• Joep Gorgels, Global Head Transportation & Logistics, ABN Amro •• Fridthiof Wilhelmsen, Vice President Ship Finance, Macquarie Group 17:50 Innovators in shipping – from idea to success Rising demands for efficiency and sustainability coupled with accelerated technological progress – often through digitisation – have sparked a transformation of processes and systems in many areas of shipping. Creative engineers and bold start-ups have the opportunity to open up and conquer new markets. We take a closer look at some initiatives that have hit the headlines. •• Nikolaus Reus, Founder, Marvest •• Maximilian Otto, Founder, Oceanis •• Philippa Fischer-Zernien, Product Expert, Head Europe, TradeLens •• Achim Fischer-Erdsiek, Managing Director, Lampe & Schwartze 18:30 Closing remarks 18:45 Evening Buffet HANSA International Maritime Journal 10 | 2019 15

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