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HANSA 09-2022

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Seaglider · Preview PortPIC · Monaco Yacht Show · Ammoniak als Kraftstoff · Startup Night 2022 · Interview IMO-Chef Kitack Lim · Maritime Future Summit · SMM 2022


WIR LIEBEN VERLÄSSLICHE WERTE. GENAU WIE UNSER RADARSENSOR. THE 6X ® . NEU VON VEGA. Seit über 60 Jahren haben wir nur eins im Sinn: Exakte Messwerte noch exakter machen. Dass wir dabei aber auch die menschlichen Werte niemals aus den Augen verlieren, hat jetzt zu einem Radar-Füllstandsensor geführt, der nur durch die Verbindung dieser beiden Werte möglich war: Der Beste, den es gibt: VEGAPULS 6X. VEGA. HOME OF VALUES.

SMM Jens Pfeiffer Chairman German Ship Suppliers Association © VDS German Ship Suppliers Looking Forward to a Successful SMM The German Ship Suppliers Association (Verband Deutscher Schiffsausrüster e.V. – VDS) is more than happy to see the SMM exhibition this year back at full scale. The world’s largest maritime event has been sincerely missed by our members, who are regular exhibitors or visitors. For ship suppliers, the SMM means meeting most of our existing and potential sub-suppliers, most of our national and international customers and a lot of good friends in four fully packed days. Ship suppliers act and think globally; therefore, we cannot imagine a more efficient and powerful set-up than a four-day event bringing together all relevant players and having the chance to meet these not only during exhibition opening hours but also at extraordinary evening events. Despite technological advances and changing cooperation and procurement methods, the ship supply business with all the uncertainties, short notice changes and complex last mile deliveries still require a good portion of human intervention and benefits from close personal relations between the many stakeholders. Therefore, meeting people is still highly valuable. On top of this, we have also watched the contents of the conferences and side events and the displayed products change permanently over the years, according to the latest developments in the industry. This way, it always feels like SMM is really at the heartbeat of our beloved maritime industry and acts as a trendsetter for certain key topics. Many of our members have a long history with the German shipping community and the SMM. Looking back at how this masterpiece of an exhibition has developed throughout the decades, we also feel some pride in contributing to the constantly growing success. As a member of the SMM advisory council, the VDS would like to thank the event organisers for keeping it up and always finding excellent solutions to a constantly moving and changing world with different challenges. We would like to welcome all visitors to Hamburg, and we look forward to meeting you out there. See you at SMM! HANSA – International Maritime Journal 09 | 2022 41

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