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HANSA 09-2021

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SCHIFFFAHRT | SHIPPING Naturalmat handcraft organic mattresses for superyachts from a converted family shipyard in Devon, UK Research at Yale University found that »voice-only communication elicits higher rates of empathic accuracy relative to vision-only and multisense communication both while engaging in interactions and perceiving emotions in recorded interactions.« Innovative Design Engineering (IDE) masters degree show, at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College in July, almost exclusively comprised digital projects, two of the most interesting being: a new aural system, by Tobias Kappeler, to replace Zoom-type conference calls plus a device, presently aimed at children, enabling one to design to the computer by simply moving one‘s hand around in the air, by Natalie Bar David Frenkel, who says: »What I like most in a digital work environment, is the ability to listen to people, get feedback and change things instantly – according to their needs«. Endless possibilities The possibilities, putting the two together, seem endless and it might not be long before the likes of Michael Leach Design, known for organic forms, can sculpt away in the air and a 3D model appear in front of their remote client. Before we get too immersed in our screens, Berthon’s Managing Director, Brian May, points out: »The yacht industry has had a major boost as grandparents trade up to provide a larger platform for their family to enjoy, rather than just friends. This also means grandchildren are being inducted to sailing and motor yachts that will bode well for the future; youngsters had been so indoctrinated with the digital world, the freedom of the sea will remain with them forever, as will the memories of family and friends being on board and having no traffic lights or constrictions to abide by.« Berthon has introduced customerfriendly, outdoor, waterfront events from chilled acoustic Sunday Sessions to some major concerts exclusively for its Lymington Marina berth-holders, as well as opening a wine and keg-beer/cider bar – a digital app is not required to place a drinks order! Vickers Studio – who has a major gutting-and-refit of Leander in Turkey amongst its projects – relocated from London to near Chichester harbour, © Naturalmat »bliss in comparison«. The crossover between land and sea is as strong as ever for designers. John Vickers recently »delivered« a »big house in Moscow – it’s all been very difficult with travel restrictions, flying in and out as the red list has changed. Choosing colours is a nightmare, selecting marble slabs via WhatsApp and facetime. We have got there in the end and it’s been much better for the planet!« Work-life balance as boost François Zuretti, based in Nice and renowned for his residences as much as large yacht interiors, also notes positives: »The health crisis has forced an industrywide shift toward new and more adaptive work strategies, ensuring equal if not better efficiency.« For Zuretti companies, this has translated as a renewed commitment to remaining close to clients and guaranteeing a consistent quality of tailored services, despite travel restrictions and limited communication. Clients have become more aware of their own needs and expectations which encourages more exclusive and customized projects. Naturalmat and Silverlining Furniture are British companies that have received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, both former exhibitors at Monaco Yacht Show (MYS). Silverlining CEO, Mark Boddington: »The pandemic has only reiterated that work-life balance is key, where fun, time spent with family and friends and memories are remembered. This has resulted in a boost to the yacht industry which not only offers a lifestyle but also an enjoyable safe haven during lock down or when isolating.« It has also change working practices with many firms offering permanent BECAUSE QUALITY PAYS OFF ZÖLLNER Signal GmbH | signal@zoellner.de | zoellner.de 30 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 09 | 2021

SCHIFFFAHRT | SHIPPING © Denn Design A Clifford Denn 160 m Royal Yacht proposal working from home/office balance and flexible hours for those whose skills can be employed at home. Working practices have changed forever and the people and business benefits. »For Silverlining the relationship with clients is even more important and contact the digital space through film, imagery and live presentations is now here to stay – saving time yet engaging clients in the creativity and commissioning journey, wherever they are. We continue to innovate in luxury, especially in craftsmanship and new sustainable low maintenance finishes, and are launching a new collection in the autumn«, he adds. Spotlight on what’s right Again with Covid-19 the spotlight has been shone on what’s right – low-carbon, locally-sourced, sustainable practices within luxury. »We have also just launched our ›academy of skills‹, as high calibre talent is hard to come by, and we need to generate skills to grow and put something back through a legacy of skills for the next generation, especially in the world of growing automation«, says Boddington. Mark Tremlett, Co-Founder and Business Director of Naturalmat – whose father Chris Tremlett was renowned for designing and building fast power boats – went sustainable before it became de rigueur, handcrafting organic mattresses and beds from the updated family shipyard premises in Devon. Tremlett observes that there is »more and more emphasis on trying to make the yacht as eco friendly as possible, which is something of a sisyphean task on a motor yacht – but all the same they are trying. This pushes more enquiries our way as market wide (hotel & retail) we are as green as you can get. I suppose at least by lying on an eco mattress on board their conscience might be assuaged!« A busy 2021 would appear to mark acceptance of the new way of working: respect for the environment, less travel for meetings, more digitalisation at work – allowing for quality screen-free time to go yachting and enjoy nature. All market intelligence companies, from Boat- PRO to SYT’s free »The State of Yachting«, show extremely healthy order books. The Sisyphean task of trying to create a perfect green superyacht will not stop. HANSA – International Maritime Journal 09 | 2021 31

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