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HANSA 09-2020

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Hansa Tech-Hub

Hansa Tech-Hub HANSA TECH-HUB THORDON Water lubricated propeller shaft for new containerships The two Super Eco 2700 containerships China’s Zhoushan Changhong Shipyard is building for Singapore-headquartered X-Press Feeders have launched with a complete water lubricated propeller shaft arrangement supplied by Thordon Bearings. CY Engineering, Thordon’s distributor in China, has now completed the installation and commissioning of the Thordon scope of supply aboard X-Press Mekong (Hull Number CHB085) and X-Press Pearl (Hull Number CHB084). NYK Major offensive on hydrogen NYK is one of the first shipping companies to become a member of the Hydrogen Council. This global initiative of large corporations, medium-sized companies and investors is committed to an energy turnaround towards hydrogen. With its participation in the initiative, the Japanese shipping company wants to support the establishment of a hydrogen supply chain and promote decarbonisation by switching to alternative fuels for propulsion of ships. In the future, NYK will not only transport hydrogen, but also wants to work on the »realisation of a hydrogen society«, including the development of technologies for the use of hydrogen as a marine fuel. The company says it will also seek to identify hydrogen-related business opportunities and participate in the entire supply chain. The Hydrogen Council now has over 92 members, including large multinational companies, innovative SMEs and investors, with a total turnover of over 18.9 trill. €. email: sales@headwaytech.com | http://en.headwaytech.com | TEL: (86) 532 8310 7817 ENWA Water Technology represents Headway’s BWMS in Norway and Germany http://en.headwaytech.com | http://www.enwa.com adway HANSA 9_2020 50 .indd 1 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 09 | 2020 24.08.20 15:51

Hansa Tech-Hub ABS Classification of Taiwanese offshore installation vessel The classification society ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) is going to provide classification services to the first floating heavy lift and installation vessel to be built in Taiwan. The vessel named »Green Jade« has been commissioned by CDWE, a joint venture between Taiwanese CSBC and Belgian offshore contractor DEME, and will be built at CSBC in Taiwan for delivery in 2022. It will be used for the region’s offshore wind market. At 216.50 m in length and with a crew of up to 160 people, »Green Jade« will be equipped to handle the heaviest monopiles, jackets and turbines and features a 4,000 t capacity crane. Besides Dynamic Positioning 3 capability and dual fuel engines the vessel features a waste heat recovery system that converts heat from the exhaust gases and cooling water to electrical energy. ECOCHLOR IMO BMWS code type approval Ecochlor has received type approval from the Norwegian Maritime Authority for the IMO BMWS Code (MEPC.300(72)/revised 2016 G8) standards. The new certification applies to the entire range of Ecochlor ballast water management systems (BWMS), with flow rates of between 500 m3/hr and 16,200 m3/hr, meaning that vessel owners may continue to install Ecochlor’s BWMS after the IMO BWMS Code October 28, 2020 deadline. According to Ecochlor, the additional testing required for active substance technologies for full approval in marine, brackish and fresh waters was completed earlier this year. The tests confirmed that no changes in equipment or in the operation of the Ecochlor BWMS were required. After 28 October 2020, all vessels installing a BWMS must comply with the international BWMS Code. / Perfect Welding / Solar Energy / Perfect Charging PULSE TECHNOLOGY 70%WENIGER NACHARBEIT. 30% SCHNELLER SCHWEISSEN. What’s your welding challenge? Let‘s get connected. / Die Puls Funktion bei der TransSteel 3000 C Pulse, 4000 Pulse und 5000 Pulse ermöglicht schnellere Schweißgeschwindigkeiten bei größeren Materialstärken. Durch den Puls-Lichtbogen verringert sich auch die Nacharbeit, da weniger Schweißspritzer entstehen. Mehr Informationen zur Maritime TransSteel Journal Pulse 09 | Geräteserie 2020 unter: HANSA – International www.fronius.com/transsteel 51

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