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HANSA 09-2018

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SMM Preview Novelties

SMM Preview Novelties •• 3D printing: Similar to the automotive and aerospace industries, the maritime sector has no choice but to embrace the complex topic of additive manufacturing. From propellers and components to entire ships, there is hardly anything additive manufacturing will not be able to make one day. 3D printing technology is still in its infancy, but experts agree that it will forever change the global flow of products; at the same time, however, it may open up entirely new perspectives for shipping. For example, by creating the ability to provide spare parts just in time at any place in the world Arranged together with the Northern German Maritime Cluster, the special exhibition on 3D printing in the maritime sector represents a global debut. In Hall B6 visitors will be able to talk to experts, and witness live presentations of additive production processes. •• Cruise & Ferry Route: Well-known companies from the Cruise & Ferry segment will not only occupy the entire Hall B5 but also parts of Hall B8. The new Cruise & Ferry Route will help visitors identify additional relevant exhibitors. •• Future-looking topics: The Offshore Dialogue on 6 September will focus on topics such as Arctic technologies and deep-sea mining. •• Cyber Security: The maritime security conference MS&D will last two days this year (6 & 7 September) with cybersecurity as one of the main topics. •• Job exchange: The Maritime Career Market on Friday (7 September) will for the first time offer interested young talents an information forum with lectures on maritime job profiles, and advice for job applicants. •• New countries: Poland, Estonia and Panama will be represented by national pavilions. Namibia will celebrate its fair debut as an individual exhibitor. er attack, this year China’s COSCO followed just recently, suffering attacks on their IT systems in the Americas region. The leaders of the shipping industry are well aware of this challenge. 80% of them consider cybersecurity as an »important« or »very important« issue, the current SMM Maritime Industry Report (MIR) concludes. This will be the tenth time this conference featuring top-ranking experts takes place. And again its comprehensive programme will extend over two days at SMM. Geostrategic consequences of global warming will be another major topic at MS&D. According to recent research done by the University of Colorado at Boulder, coastal sea levels will rise by an average of 65 centimetres by the year 2100 compared to 2005, twice the increase previously predicted by most experts. A dangerous scenario, especially for ports and coastal communities. Amid refugee crises, regional tensions and international terrorism, navies and coast guards around the globe respond to new threats by updating and expanding their capacities – another topic that will be discussed at MS&D. Green Shipping makes headway Of course, the huge topic of »Green Shipping« won’t be ignored in Hamburg, too. Bringing effective ballast water management and a lower sulphur limit for ship fuels, new, stricter environmental regulations are forcing the shipping industry to take action. The countdown is on: The International Maritime Organisation’s new 0.5% limit for sulphur content of ship fuels will take effect on 1 January 2020. »There is no turning back. The lower sulphur limit will have a significant positive impact on the environment and on human health, especially for people living in port cities and coastal regions,« said IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim on occasion of the meeting of the IMO’s Sub-committee on Pollution Prevention and Response in early February. SPECIALIST FIRE DETECTION VISIT US AT SSM HAMBURG Hall B5 Stand 504 FOR ALL MARINE, OFF-SHORE AND INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS With over 35 years experience, Apollo Fire Detectors are leaders in global fi re detection – setting the highest possible British and International standards in the design and manufacture of marine fi re detection devices. 24 HANSA International Maritime Journal – 155. Jahrgang – 2018 – Nr. 9 www.apollo-fire.co.uk

SMM Preview Photo: HMC LNG is one possible way to comply with this regulation: According to the SMM Maritime Industry Report, as many as 44% of shipowners are considering liquefied natural gas propulsion for their newbuilds. Around the world shipowners are facing the challenge of having to make far-reaching decisions: Will low-sulphur fuel be available in sufficient quantities at reasonable prices? Are exhaust gas scrubbers a smart investment? Or would it be better to opt for LNG right away? In exhibition hall A5, which will be dedicated to the Green Propulsion theme with a special focus on LNG, decision-makers will be able to meet up with experts to get advice and study technical solutions hands-on. As for ballast water management (BWM), the IMO is granting shipowners a transitional period before they must fully comply. Meanwhile, the industry is working full speed on implementing the CREATIVE. INNOVATIVE. RELIABLE. Besuchen Sie uns auf der SMM Hamburg 4 - 7 Sept. 2018 • Halle B4 EG 315 Brückenstraße 25 • 27568 Bremerhaven • www.lloydwerft.com HANSA International Maritime Journal – 155. Jahrgang – 2018 – Nr. 9 25

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