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HANSA 09-2018

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Exhibitors’ Exhibitors’ Previews Previews FILTRATION UND SEPARATION FÜR SCHIFF- FAHRT UND INDUSTRIE Für kompromisslos saubere Leistung sind unsere innovativen Filtrations- und Separationssysteme seit über 50 Jahren weltweit an Bord. - Bilgenwasserentölung - Kraftstoffaufbereitung und -filtration von MDO - Öl- / Schmierölaufbereitung und -filtration - Hydraulikfiltersysteme KONTAKT SMM Halle A1 Stand 525 Filtration Group GmbH (ehemals MAHLE Industriefiltration GmbH) Essener Bogen 21 22419 Hamburg Telefon: + 49 7941 6466-720 Email: Separation@FiltrationGroup.com Website: www.FiltrationGroup.com/mahle RWO-Veolia The Bremen based water specialist will present its new products RWO- CBM and OWS-Controller, focusing on the main topics of smart shipping and green technology. The products are milestones in the development of a fully digitalized system maintenance and will already make the operation of water treatment plants on ships and offshore platforms much more efficient, transparent, safe and environmentally friendly, RWO stated. The monitor can be used to check the operating mode, valve position, and ppm value of the bilge water at a glance. It also records operating efficiency over defined periods of time. The development of an alarm and oil-water log is currently in the beta testing phase. As of 2019, it should be possible for the monitor to provide timely information about discrepancies and, for example, suggest the best time for a filter change. In the long run, the Controller will work not only with RWO Veolia products, but with any system that has a LAN bus. The full potential for optimizing water treatment on board is realised by the Clean Bilge Monitoring system RWO-CBM. It comprises the software RWO-Link and a bilge economiser. RWO-CBM acts as the final level of control before water is drained off the ship. A 3-way valve automatically governs incoming wastewater which has been analysed and transfers it either directly overboard or into the bilge water tank for further treatment. This reduces the operation time of the systems to a minimum, the company stated. Hall A1, booth 218 Schaller Automation The company, which focuses on oil mist detection to protect large piston engines against engine compartment explosions, will introduce a new monitoring system for large gas, diesel and dual-fuel engines. The new product is called ACCOMOS, which stands for Acceleration Monitoring System. According to the developer, the system for recording vibrations in three axes sets new standards already during installation: the sensor can be installed on the engine in minutes and, thanks to its strong neodymium magnets, even holds on unmachined surfaces. The sensor is able to monitor compliance with DIN ISO 10816, which is so important for combustion engines. If the adjustable threshold values are exceeded, it gives feedback in yellow (pre-alarm) or red (alarm). The data can be communicated via CAN or RS485 interface. An optional software is available, allowing a frequency analysis next to data recording. Hall A3, booth 211 Sauer Compressors Sauer Compressors will present the whole portfolio of compressor solutions in Hamburg. These cover all compressed air requirements on ships from the starting and working air to SCR systems for exhaust gas purification. A new state-of-the-art compressor control system and a wide range of compressed air accessories complete the manufacturer’s trade fair offering. Developed exclusively for commercial shipping, the Levante range of Sauer Compressors has quickly established itself in the maritime industry. In its latest version, the 3-stage air-cooled compressor has a filling capacity of up to 460 m³/h at a pressure of 30 bar. According to the company, the compressor fits into any engine room without taking up much valuable space. To improve cylinder cooling, the air flow was optimized and a newly developed cooler design was installed between the engine and the compressor. In this way, the recooling temperatures can be reduced by a third, Sauer Compressors informs. The MLC 4.0 is a new high-end solution among compressor controls. It consists of a 7-inch touch screen display. Hall A3, booth 223 Secumar Only a few weeks ago, the new life jacket of the German Maritime Search and Rescue Association (DGzRS) was launched – the Secumar Alpha 275 X DGzRS. In Hamburg Secumar Bernhardt Apparatebau will present the completely new developed life jacket. The Alpha 275 X features a carrier system with a multitude of individual adjustment options and sets new standards with its outstanding wearing properties. Thanks to the Secu- 112 HANSA International Maritime Journal – 155. Jahrgang – 2018 – Nr. 9

mar 3D float design with approx. 290N lift, an excellent turning effect is guaranteed even with heavy clothing, the developer stated. The Alpha 275 X is approved according to DIN EN ISO 12402-2. The latest model of the Secumar Contra cold protection suits is the Contra 150 SF. Together with Secumar life jackets, the work and survival suit approved in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15027-1 forms a safe PPE system for personal protection for all work on or above water. The very light, waterproof and breathable suit has reinforcements at the buttocks, the elbows, the inside of the legs and the knees made of silicon-coated Kevlar. The essential feature of the Contra 150 SF is its ergonomic fit with rubber banding in the back area and on the legs, which support the wearer’s freedom of movement. Three pairs of gloves, a lined hood, a neoprene hood and a variety of storage pockets, some of them freely adaptable, belong to the extensive accessories. Hall B5, booth 434 Exhibitors’ Previews Volvo Penta IMO III Optimized for marine Siemens For more than 135 years, Siemens Marine has been delivering innovative electrical products, systems, solutions, and services for the efficient and reliable operation for the complete range of merchant and passenger vessels. Siemens is a globally operating expert partner for the latest automation systems and diesel-electric as well as fully electric drive systems. Digitalizing the marine business is creating new possibilities to increase efficiency and reduce costs while meeting up-to-date environmental regulations. At the SMM 2018 in Hamburg Siemens presents latest innovations, focusing on three key technologies SISHIP EcoMAIN, SISHIP eSiPOD, and the enlarged SISHIP BlueDrive Family. Hall B6, booth 318 Sika Sika Germany will present its sector flooring systems for the marine industry, including the new decorative coating systems for passenger ships and mega yachts. In addition, the company is exhibiting new and proven products from the adhesives and sealants range. The Sikafloor Marine product family, which Sika will be presenting at SMM, includes fast-loading mortars, viscoelastic and floating flooring systems and levelling compounds – including self-levelling, fast-entry and fire-resistant products. The systems all meet the high fire protection requirements in the maritime sector, says Sika. The viscoelastic floors would be characterized by excellent vibration and sound absorption properties. Whether for direct glazing in the shipyard or for repair work of all kinds – Sika’s PowerCure technology is suitable for fast bonding to ships. The adhesive system cures within a short time by adding a water paste, therefore it is independent of air humidity. This allows deep joints to be filled without hesitation. The advantages are time savings during application and high reliability of results. Sikaflex-591 was specially developed for the harsh maritime conditions for waterproofing outdoors. The seal- Proven SCR technology ensures high engine power output while offering efficient NOx reduction. The Volvo Penta IMO Tier III solution is robust and designed for tough marine conditions. Based on SCR exhaust aftertreatment technology, our solution is available for IPS, inboard, genset and auxiliary applications. It is designed for flexibility, ease of installation and spaceefficient configuration. See more at www.volvopenta.com HANSA International Maritime Journal – 155. Jahrgang – 2018 – Nr. 9 113

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