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HANSA 09-2018

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Exhibitors’ Previews

Exhibitors’ Previews Exhibitors’ Previews tive signs. At the SMM fair, P.E.R. presents the new photoluminescent LLL system Guideline Alu 1/5. According to the company it impresses with its very high luminosity and PVC-free components and can be adapted to the color and design of the interior of the ship. It meets todays design requirements and at the same time the highest safety standards. P.E.R. will also show an outlook of a new low location lighting system based on LED technology which shows in the event of a fire dynamically and adaptively the shortest escape-route to the exit. For integrated fire protection, the company presents an innovative mini fire extinguishing unit that automatically extinguishes a fire directly at the source without leaving any residues. Hall B7, booth 128 Podszuck Podszuck is a manufacturer of ship doors. The product range includes single and double leaf A-60 hinged and sliding fire doors, single and double leaf A-60 hinged and sliding lightweight fire doors, A-60 double leaf vertical sliding fire doors, single leaf A-30, B-30 and H-120 hinged fire doors, spray-weathertight doors, weathertight wheelhouse sliding doors, gastight doors, galley sliding doors, lift doors and C-class fire doors. Podszuck also produce special doors like aluminium and stainless steel doors for internal and external use. They can be equipped with options such as hose ports, windows, internal door closers, concealed hinges, ventilation grills and sealings. General tests for the development of the doors are made in scientific laboratories in Kiel. The quality system, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2000, is issued by SBG Germany. The fire doors are certified by DNV GL, USCG and other classification societies. The company is located in Kiel in the north of Germany. Customers are shipyards, shipowners, outfitters and designers all over the world. Podszuck delivers the doors for a lot of luxury/ mega yachts, container vessels, RoRo ferries, passenger and car ferries. Hall B7, booth 128 Promarin Individually adapted to the respective operating conditions and needs of its customers, Promarin Propeller und Marinetechnik designs custom-built propellers and propulsion systems under strictest consideration of the respective ship type. Since 1992 the company has established itself as a specialist for propeller and marine technology. In addition to propellers, the complete drive systems and allround service are offered. According to the company, more than 10,000 propellers of the driveline have been manufactured since its foundation. Even difficult requirements could be professionally mastered to meet the needs of customers, Promarin stated. Hall A4, booth 416 Reintjes Reintjes, a company that is focused on drive and gearing, presents the down angle gear series WVSA, which was shown for the first time at the SMM 2016, as an advanced product at this year’s leading maritime trade fair. Working closely with its customers, Reintjes has added even more customer-specific details to its down angle design, which allows the motor to be installed horizontally with an inclined output shaft. At it’s booth the company will show the product ZWVSA 440 U HS06 that exactly stands for: Z Zweigang (two speed gear), W Wende-Leichtgetriebe (reverse reduction gear in light weight design), V Achsversetzt (offset between At your service on your bridge now MacGregor is the manufacturer of Voyage Data Recorders, granting access to various ships‘ data – all in line with your NavCom service needs ! NavCom service on call ! NavCom contracts ! Voyage Data Recorder input and output shaft), S für schnelle Schiffe (for fast vessels), A in Down- Angle-Ausführung (in Down Angle design), 440 Achsabstand (centre distance in mm), U Antrieb und Abtrieb auf derselben Seite (input and output shaft on same side), HS Hybrid System (Hybrid system included), 06 60kW E-Motor (60 kW electric motor). All these additional product details were installed in a real ship yet, Reintjes informs. In addition, this transmission could also be equipped with the Fast Clutch 200 solution, which enables fast shifting in less than two seconds says Reintjes. Hall A4, booth 207 Hall B4.EG, booth RD09 Renolit For the first time the maritime division of the film manufacturer Renolit showcases at SMM. Renolit Maritime is the name of the business unit that has developed an underwater film for ships which protects against growth by mussels or barnacles - and does not contain any biocides. With the concept »film instead of paint«, the company is presenting its biocide-free fouling release film Renolit Dolphin S. Conventional antifouling paints, which are currently used to protect against fouling, largely contain biocides that are washed out upon contact with water and thus prevent organisms from adhering. With its biocide-free films, the company offers an environmentally friendly alternative to these coatings. According to the developer the special feature of the fouling release film is its amphipathic property. The molecules of amphipathic surfaces have both hydrophilic (water-loving) and hydrophobic (water-repellent) areas. Studies show that certain barnacles adhere to hydrophobic surfaces and others to hydrophilic ones. Previous solutions are only hydrophobic and therefore could not prevent growth from the hydrophilic area the company informs. Renolit Dolphin S, on the other hand, combines both properties – it is amphipathic. In addition to the fouling release film, the company also offers other films for the maritime industry. Whether anticorrosion, anti-slip or protective film solutions – the films produced and offered by Renolit protect work boats, ship surfaces and objects of the maritime energy generation. Hall B5, booth 523 110 HANSA International Maritime Journal – 155. Jahrgang – 2018 – Nr. 9

Exhibitors’ Previews 24/7 service +45 96560202 Authorized to carry out heavy repairs We know that every hour is important in the marine repair business, and at MarineShaft we make decisions fast and provide our customers with the best solution within hours We are committed to delivering high quality service to all our customers and if needed, work around the clock to meet a deadline A team of service engineers are ready to take of at short notice and we carry out professional mobile machining and complete renovation of rudder arrangement and fitting onsite We often work as a supervisor for Ship Management companies and ship owners HANSA International Maritime Journal – 155. Jahrgang – 2018 – Nr. 9 111

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