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HANSA 09-2018

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Exhibitors’ Previews

Exhibitors’ Previews Exhibitors’ Previews The new lubricants are also suitable for ships with Azimuth propulsion comprised of around 90 % renewable raw materials and is ultimately biodegradable. Klüberbio AG 39-602 is a lubricant for open gears and highly loaded rolling and slide bearings, offering good adhesion and water resistance. Selected additives ensure an extremely high corrosion protection, even when exposed to salt water, the company stated. The new EAL grease Klüberplex BEM 41-132 provides wear protection for rolling bearings that are exposed to vibrations from diesel engines, propellers and wave motion. This synthetic low-temperature grease can also be used at Arctic temperatures and significantly reduces maintenance costs, due to longer relubrication intervals and bearing service lives, Klüber Lubrication informs. Hall A3, booth 309 Lankhorst Ropes Source: Klüber Lubrication The martime rope supplier, presents the maritime industry’s first fluorescent mooring rope, one of the many new safety and performance Lankhorst rope developments. Also featured will be the Lankonect synthetic fibre rope connection providing tug operators with a quicker and safer connection during towing, new reflective Lankoforce rope for towing and mooring and enhanced spliced eye protection to reduce abrasion. Tipto Winchline is a dedicated floating mooring line developed especially for self-tensioning winches. The addition of a phosphorescent tracer yarn in the rope’s outer jacket allows the rope to glow in the dark increasing the visibility of the rope and producing a pleasing visual effect of the moored vessel. Its load-bearing seven strand core combines high strength and relatively low elongation. The outer nonload-bearing braided jacket also provides protection of the core for longer service life and increases crew-safety by minimizing the risk of snap-back. Providing tug operators with a quicker and safer connection during towing, Lankonect is a synthetic fibre rope connection for the main tow line that replaces a conventional cow hitch, shackle or similar hardware. A typical tow line configuration comprises a main towing line with a forerunner, and perhaps a stretcher, as well as a cow hitch or connector hardware. Laborious and time consuming to make up, there is also a risk of breakage in the costly main line and forerunner from overpulling. The Lankonect enables a new approach to tow line assembly by removing the need for a cow hitch knot or hardware. It also allows tug operators to set a calculated breaking force for the tow line configuration. Hall A1, booth 312 MacGregor By combining MacGregor’s experience with its new cloud-based voyage and port optimizing solution, the company says that it can increase the operational efficiency of RoRo vessels and port calls, unleashing substantial potential savings for operators. »RoRo ship performance is normally measured by its cubic meter utilisation,« explains Phillip Tipping, Director Customer Innovation, RoRo, MacGregor. However, this figure does not show inefficiencies surrounding port operations. Until now there has not been an effective way FuelSafe TM Pioneers in fuel systems Safe and controlled fuel changeovers at the push of a button Come meet us at Hall A4, Stand 312 106 HANSA International Maritime Journal – 155. Jahrgang – 2018 – Nr. 9

Exhibitors’ Previews of measuring time spent in port and reasons for delay, MacGregor reports. These are known, but undetectable losses can cost a shipping line as much as 2.5 mill. $ per vessel a year. »Shipping lines need a management system to detect these losses, allow them to modify the voyages before they start and learn valuable lessons to avoid future mistakes. This is where the MacGregor voyage and port optimiser can make a difference and will allow shipping lines to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact, while saving millions«, Tipping adds. The optimizer uses extensive pre- and post-voyage analytics and obeys to »do, check and act« rules, enabling to deliver a continuously improving system. According to Tipping, data can be used to identify losses, which can be verified by audits. Performance can then be improved by creating, distributing and following up on actionable plans. This would be the future of port call management. Hall A1, booth 423 MAN Energy Solutions MAN Energy Solutions will focus on future themes and new hardware on its stand, which will present itself »in a totally new livery in accordance with the company’s recently unveiled, new corporate design«. A new departure for MAN Energy Solutions at SMM this year is the introduction of its Vision Talk Box that will bring together a group of experienced panellists from across the industry to take part in exclusive debates at the company’s SMM stand. MAN Energy Solution is using SMM to further its decarbonisation agenda by presenting new dual-fuel engines. The two-stroke business unit will be promoting its brand-new ME-LGIP dual-fuel engine, aimed at decarbonisation and the growing LPG (Liquid Petroleum gas) sector. The four-stroke interests will be represented by the new 45/60CR engine. Additionally, MAN PrimeServ, the company’s after-sales division, is using the fair in Hamburg to advance the decarbonisation vision through, among other possibilities, the promotion of its retrofit service that converts existing, HFO-burning engines in the field to dual-fuel operation. The stand will also offer the chance to experience the company’s new propositions within the field of digital products live. The intention is to show how digitisation is more than just the application of digital technologies, but deals with the general trend towards a »service and solutions« industry, too. The company additionally plans to use SMM to promote its systems competence within hybrid marine solutions. This is where mechanical and electric engines work together to provide power for propulsion and hotel loads, optimizing the fuel efficiency of vessels that have a flexible power demand Hall A1, booth 13 Hall A3, booth 200 Hall A3, FG, booth 3 Hamburg, 4-7 Sept. Hall A5, Booth 412 Keeping everything shipshape Given the need to reduce harmful nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel powerplants, you can have a clear conscience with our SCR platform system. Modular and maintenance-friendly, it guarantees precise and repeatable dosing of the reaction medium for this purpose. Internal communication between components via EDIP also makes application-specific settings an absolute breeze. The system is also compatible with Industry 4.0 applications. Modular, compact and exceptionally efficient – our SCR platform system keeps everything shipshape. We make ideas flow. HANSA International Maritime Journal – 155. Jahrgang – 2018 – Nr. 9 107

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