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HANSA 09-2018

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Exhibitors’ Previews

Exhibitors’ Previews Exhibitors’ Previews Jaure The Spanish manufacturer will present the new JHC-HF, a rigid coupling which allows the connection of shafts to shafts or shafts to flange easily by friction. Its principle is a shrink ring that is assembled by hydraulic means. The High Friction (HF) Version uses the latest technology on surface treatment for increasing the coefficient of friction on the torque carrying surfaces the company stated. That allows the reduction of the size of the coupling for the same torque range, and consequently the weight. Furthermore, the stresses introduced to the shafts were reduced. According to the company, this is very helpful for those applications where hollow shafts are used. As a result of this development, Jaure has reached an optimum compromise of high torque transmission capacity and reliable assembly/disassembly maneuvers that allows an easy operation of the coupling for service/ maintenance crews, the company says. Hall A4, booth 205 Jets Vacuum Jets Vacuum will present a revolution in vacuum pump technology, the so-called Jets Edge. Complementing already renowned Vacuumarator range, the novelty represents a massive leap in efficiency the company stated. Jets Edge has significantly increased its capacity, with even lower energy consumption, says Øyvind Tørlen, CEO of Jets Vacuum. The new Jets Edge Vacuumarator pump is the result of years of research and development. It represents yet another breakthrough for the technology, by providing maximum effect and capacity, paired with a minimum use of energy says Jets Vacuum. According own information more than 60.000 Vacuumarator pumps by Jets are currently in operation around the world. The company describes the flexibility, high capacity and unparalleled reliability as the main advantages of the new development. Hall B7, booth 220 JRC/Alphatron Marine At the exhibition in Hamburg the company will showcase a large part of the original and custom built AlphaBridge for a series of three vessels that is currently under construction at Bijlsma shipyards in the Netherlands. All three vessels incorporate two sets of AlphaBridge consoles, placed on the fore and the aft bridge. At the trade fair a part of the front bridge of the versatile vessel will be shown. The MPV-30 is equipped with an extensive range of JRC/Alphatron Marine navigation, communication and instrument solutions for sea and river operations. The AlphaBridge RTA will also be on exhibition. AlphaBridge is the flagship solution by Alphatron Marine. The integrated bridge concept, usually preassembled in one of the workshops, is now available as a full component package and ready-to-assemble, comprising of all required materials and drawings for economic and efficient shipment and assembly in the country of the vessel construction. 104 HANSA International Maritime Journal – 155. Jahrgang – 2018 – Nr. 9

Exhibitors’ Previews NETZSCH TORNADO® Rotary Lobe Pumps Source: Alphatron The ProLine 2.0 is a new development from Alphatron JRC/Alphatron also show the future generation NeCST route planning station. This interactive chart system allows to plan routes on a 46-inch touchscreen which is connected with the ECDIS to transfer the route onboard and with an office environment. Furthermore, demonstrated is a neat desk with a range of possibilities for the inland waterway fleet. From the familiar and very popular JMA-610 river radar to the AlphaRiverTrackPilot and the AlphaLine Repeater series. Hall B6, booth 300 Kelvion Holding Visitors to the SMM trade fair will be invited to take a K°ruise around the World of Kelvion to see how heat exchangers can save energy, reduce emissions, improve safety and increase heat recovery. The company will be exhibiting a range of products for on-board and offshore plants and systems that offer safety, reliability and durability even in the most turbulent conditions at sea. The voyage of discovery will begin with LNG / Gas Engines where Kelvion’s Shell and Tube Double Safety Heat Exchangers ensure safe and efficient gas preheating for the regasification process on board of gas driven marine vessels. High pressure applications and cooling of compressors are just a few further examples of the vast application spectrum. Next stop is the engine room where one solution features Kelvion’s Box Cooler that combines efficient, powerful cooling over a long service life the company stated. With its small footprint it is a space saving solution in the sea chest or machine room. Low operational expenditure and low maintenance cost are features recommending the box coolers especially for smaller and medium-sized vessels. A complete outboard secondary cooling water circuit is being eliminated, dispensing with seawater pumps, filters, valves, and expensive seawater piping. On ships such as cruise ships, however, plate heat exchangers are used. The K°ruise continues with a look at scrubber water coolers which are lowering a ship’s emissions by removing SOx particles from exhaust gas. Titanium plate heat exchangers with solid inline filter systems reliably cool the so-called scrubber wash water down to below 40°C with seawater before the scrubber wash water will be led back to the scrubber. Hall A3, booth 218 Klüber Lubrication High-performance speciality lubricants are a must in today’s marine sector. Klüber Lubrication is presenting a whole series of new products for onboard applications at SMM. The showcase focuses on extending the product portfolio to include EALs (environmentally acceptable lubricants). These include new special greases for wire ropes, high-performance synthetic gear oils and rolling bearing greases. According to the developer the new EAL Klüberbio AM 92-142 has made its mark in the industry, thanks to its excellent wear protection, exceptional adhesion and good water resistance, reliably protecting steel cables against corrosion, even when they come into contact with seawater. Awarded the EU Ecolabel, the synthetic gear oil Klüberbio EG 2-320 is The best maintenance is no maintenance The high-quality, wear-resistant shaft bearing, lubricated for life, and the oil-free synchronizing belt drive get by without any preventative maintenance. By reversing the materials between the static and dynamic parts, the elastomer parts are exposed to a smaller dynamic load. This gives a longer life cycle. VISIT US SMM 04.09. – 07.09.2018 in Hamburg Booth A2, Stand 223 HANSA International Maritime Journal – 155. Jahrgang – 2018 – Nr. 9 105

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