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HANSA 09-2018

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Exhibitors’ Previews

Exhibitors’ Previews Exhibitors’ Previews plications via remote monitoring. They range from remote diagnostics and oncondition maintenance to the prognosis of faults and operating states of all on-board units on the basis of the recorded and analyzed data. According to the motto »one click, all information«, the entire operation of the fleet can be easily and inexpensively optimized landbased. Hall B6, booth 614 ExxonMobil Marine Smart shipping promises to revolutionise the maritime industry, driving operational efficiencies, reducing costs and improving sustainability. The International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) 0.5% Sulphur cap is less than 18 months away, yet it’s impacting the industry now. The fuel mix is changing and the industry is grappling with growing concerns about cost control and questions about availability, storage and compatibility. Smart shipping must deliver and ExxonMobil is at the forefront of big data. ExxonMobil’s marine database includes over 500,000 test results from more than 1,000 vessels, according to own statements, revealing exclusive information on engine operation. Introducing Mobil Serv Cylinder Condition Monitoring, a next-generation service that leverages this intelligence to provide detailed insights into vessel’s engine and lubricant performance. It can detect issues before they cause damage and test a fuel’s sulphur content, helping ensure compliance with the IMO sulphur cap, it says. As data analytics moves the industry from planned to condition-based maintenance, operators can reduce costs and enhance vessel performance. Hall A3, booth 321 Furuno Electric Furuno Electric offers a comprehensive range of marine electronics such as bridge systems and individual navigation and communication devices. This year at SMM, the company will show the latest Integrated Navigation System (INS), including Voyage Planning Station, which is presented on a 55˝ touch panel display, as well as various add-ons to optimize functionality and operation. The INS contains the latest Chart Radar FAR-3000 series, as well as ECDIS, Conning, Steering and an Alarm Management System installed in a modern and user-friendly bridge console. Another highlight this year is the new radar FAR-2xx8 series. According to the company it convinces with its new elegant antenna design and state-of-the-art signal processing technology. Fast target tracking for fast target information and a solid-state option for S-band radar are also available. In addition, the radar series is compatible with a wide-screen display. In the near future, Furuno plans to demonstrate its innovation with »augmented reality« navigation – a new advanced interactive support that overlays navigation information into a real environment recorded by a camera. This enables a simple overview of the entire navigation, ensuring fast, safe and efficient ship navigation says Furuno. Hall B6, booth 100 GEA The new GEA separator for marine applications changes the working day on board and increases the efficiency of ships and crews, GEA stated. With an efficiency level of more than 96% and potential savings of up to 30,000 kWh per year, the integrated direct drive is the heart of the new separator series. The direct drive with its synchronous motor requires no belt and no coupling. For the first time, spindle and motor are available as a compact plug-and-play »exchange unit«. This greatly simplifies installation and maintenance of the machine, the separator is accessible from all sides and the space requirement on board is reduced by 50% GEA informs. In cooperation with Trojan Technologies GEA offers the BallastMaster marineX for ballast water treatment. It is 2017 Check data of your SHIPYARD online www.ship2yard. com/ ws www.EQUIP 4 www.SHIP 2 102 HANSA International Maritime Journal – 155. Jahrgang – 2018 – Nr. 9

Exhibitors’ Previews designed for a throughput of 150 – 1,500 m³/h and is available as explosion-proof version. According to the manufacturer the system disinfects organisms with a UVT value of 44 % and operates completely without chemicals. It combines effective 32-μm filtration with subsequent UV irradiation for disinfection in one housing. This prevents germs or organisms from entering foreign ecosystems when the ballast water is drained. Hall A3, booth 216 Hanseaticsoft The Hamburg-based provider of maritime software will launch its updated and enhanced crewing module, Crewing 2.0, available within the Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM). CFM is the company’s web-based platform which allows information to be centralized, processed and accessed in real time using apps and mobile devices. The Crewing module helps optimize crewing processes, including the interaction, administration and appraisal of seafarers. Newly developed Crewing 2.0 offers improved performance and responsive ness, plus it’s now available in any browser and optimized for use on smaller screens, such as tablets. New features include a travel Expenses app, which allows the crew to enter travel requests and related expenses directly while on board, a Cashbox app to ease the handling of cash on board (in multiple currencies), a Bonded Store app functioning as an onboard shop and a Pharmacy app to manage medication on board, plus a new Crew Portal so seamen can manage their data and documents autonomously. Hall B4.EG, booth 112 Imes The German company, specialized in cylinder pressure sensors and combustion monitoring systems, will launch its new engine analyser EPM-XP plus. According to the company this highly developed and user-friendly engine analyser for 2- and 4-stroke diesel engines, is an advancement of its electronic indicator EPM-XP. At first glance both devices look alike but EPM-XP plus offers much more with regard to performance and new features. Naturally EPM-XP plus is equipped with the same basic components as the electronic indicator, e.g. portable data acquisition unit including calibrated HTT sensor as well as sophisticated data acquisition and analysing software. The main functions such as TDC correction, automatic Pcomp calculation, IPOWER and IMEP calculation as well as trending function are still available. However, EPM-XP plus offers new functions which enable a specific combustion analysis for an increased engine diagnosis, Imes informs. The engine analyser has a higher battery capacity for more than 20 operating hours. Furthermore, it is also possible to take continuous online measurements on indicator cocks by connecting the device via USB / Ethernet to a PC (maximum distance 50 m). The acquired data will be directly transferred to the visualisation software for monitoring. The software displays cylinder pressure sequences and the stored measurement data can be used for offline analysis to identify abnormal combustion behavior. Hall A2, booth 237 Hempel Hempel has focused on hull performance since launching industry first fuel savings guarantees all the way back in 2008. At SMM the Danish company will present Hempel Shape. The hull performance monitoring platform is designed for ocean-going vessels in the shipping industry. According to the company it enables shipowners and operators to understand hull coatings effect on fuel economy and offers a transparent way of evaluating fuel performance based on the ISO 19030 standard. Hempaguard, the company’s awardwinning fouling defence coating, has been applied to more than 1,000 ships since April. According to the marine coating specialist the unrivalled fuel-saving properties of Hempaguard means that, collectively, the owners of these number of vessels have reduced their annual bunker bill by more than 400 mill. $. This corresponds to a reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 3 mill. t every year. The product is suitable for, and has been applied to, all vessel types. Hall B5, booth 216 Just Add Water Die wirtschaftliche und umweltverträgliche Lösung Mit dem GEA BallastMaster bekommen Sie die Sicherheit reinen Wassers in Ihren Ballasttanks. Vertrauen Sie auf eine sorgenfreie Fahrt ohne unerwünschte Organismen wie Plankton, Bakterien oder auch Viren. Dieses zuverlässige und zukunfts- sichere System verbindet Vorfiltration und UV-C-Desinfektion. Es benötigt keine chemischen Stoffe und erzeugt keine gefährlichen Nebenprodukte. Durch das Niederdruck-UV-System wird eine energieeffiziente Behandlung garantiert, die keine zusätziche Kühlung erfordert. Ihre Vorteile: • Chemikalienfreier Betrieb, keine Nebenprodukte, einfache Bedienung, keine Abfallentsorgung • Konstant hohe Desinfektionsrate auch bei schlechten Wasserqualitäten • Modulare Bauweise: Filtration + UV in einer Einheit • Kleiner Footprint, einfache Installation • Für Schiffsneubauten als auch Nachrüstung (Retrofit) HANSA International Maritime Journal – 155. Jahrgang – 2018 – Nr. 9 103

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