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Schifffahrt | Shipping

Schifffahrt | Shipping Dubois-designed »Kokomo« sloop owner) Lang Walker, Kokomo Island Fiji arguably offers everything you get from a superyacht charter, including sailing using its water toys, as well as much more space to retreat from your fellow guests. Arrival is by seaplane. Stirling also sees a trend towards secondary support vessels, as expedition yachts require submarines, helicopters, landing craft and large tenders, in turn needing more crew and space. »Two yachts may be cheaper to build than one«. Stirling believes »clients’ lifestyles are causing designers to challenge conventional layouts and develop new arrangements and spatial relationships« while »operational needs are evolving as some yachts are floating homes for escape and relaxation while others provide a platform for the excitement and adventure of research or exploration«. Stirling hopes designers will embrace advances in technology from other industries to ensure the environmental impact of yachts is minimised or eliminated. He agrees with the lawyers that polarity between rich and poor, not wanting to be seen to have too much wealth in these days of austerity, is affecting the market, which itself is overcrowded to the extent that popular locations are less attractive. Venice is considering capping tourist numbers. Will we see more marine parks limit visiting yachts? The purpose-built »Yersin« headed off from Monaco on a three-year exploration circumnavigation, with the support of Prince Albert II Foundation, and may make some recommendations. Winch Design, rebranded from Andrew Winch Design, is one of the larger, established London design practices. Nick Brosnan and Ignacio Oliva-Velez, Head of Yachts, Interiors, say that trends are hard to predict, »especially when a project can span four years or more. What is trending now was designed a number of years ago and we are certainly not like fashion brands who have seasonal variation. What we can say is that clients are living on board far more and we have a number of new deliveries in the last 12- 18 months where clients are spending the entire season on their yachts. This changes how we design«. Brosnan adds: »Clients are gearing more towards functionalism and this is especially seen with the desire to do more with their yachts and have more versatility, explorers filling this space«. Andreas Iseli, Head of Yachts, Exterior, says »we do have more requests for Axe bows and the younger clientele certainly seem to favour these right now«, agreeing with the explorer trend. Jimmy Carroll, Head of Marketing, states »70- 80 m is the new starting level whereas ten years ago clients would have wanted 50-60 m. Slightly lower profiles and sleek lines are also part of the brief now«. Winch Design saw a shift in the market after anti-corruption measures in Russia and China. Carroll points out that social media helps the next generation of wealth »see where they can spend their money«. Tony Dixon, of Redman Whiteley Dixon, sees a trend in yards looking to reduce build time, also noting more interest in Explorer yachts. RWD is keeping busy on several projects and believes »there is a lot of confidence out there in HNWI land!«, even with the global turmoil. Kokomo Island Fiji – attracting superyacht people Photo: Nikki To 36 HANSA International Maritime Journal – 154. Jahrgang – 2017 – Nr. 9

Schifffahrt | Shipping »Something never seen before« Royal College of Art educated Ken Freivokh gives his personal view regarding the significance of »Black Pearl«: »What is significant is not, in my opinion, whether she is indeed very effcient, or that she embraces green technology – what is truly significant is that she is a mature and considered endorsement of the concept behind ›Maltese Falcon‹ – a concept designed to provide large superyachts with the ability to safely and effciently sail, rather than just motor. However effciently, and whether or not it includes technologies such as energy recovery or photovoltaic cells, motoring will never be as green or effcient as actually sailing – a technology which hopefully may be adopted by larger shipping, from container ships to tankers. What ›Maltese Falcon‹ has proven, and ›Black Pearl‹ is endorsing, is the feasibility and practicality of using easily controlled sails as the primary means of propulsion. It is possible, with minimum crew and minimum effort to deploy and effciently and safely set sails, and indeed, to furl them away quickly and with great ease. To achieve that, and to do so with an elegant and graceful yacht is truly a landmark, a definite endorsement of a dream that deserved to be kept alive and developed further. That is ›Black Pearl‹’s greatest achievement.« Of the smaller practices, Nigel Irens, known for his innovative multihull designs, sees a »Parallel World« (next to the perception of elderly owners on multi-storey yachts) emerging in which »young bloods who have a built-in passion for adventure want to get out there and live their dreams.« Irens is positive: »The good news for the superyacht industry is that in this new climate the dream starts when an owner commissions the build of something that has never been seen before. It is likely to be sleek, swift and long legged – capable of turning up anywhere in the world at short notice. It could be sail or power. The grand dining rooms will be swept away and replaced by outside cooking and eating for a few good friends. With today’s technology the ship will not need to be large to have big range and speed. The size will be determined by what space is needed for the abundance of sporting equipment aboard – which could include such essentials as boards of all sorts, beach cats, diving tenders – and maybe the odd submarine. It may not have escaped people’s notice that in the real world the bigger the boat the bigger the draft and the less access you have to the world’s secret hideaways… A skinny trimaran will do the job nicely…« He believes we should »build ships whose mission is to explore the world in a responsible way«. For all the talk of trends towards explorer yachts, the 77.4 m World Superyacht Award Winner »Legend«, the 7,640 nm-range Ice-Class explorer (ex »Giant«), offering up to 26 guests global exploration charters, is on the market at 46.5 mill. € with Fraser Yachts, because »the owner wants to get out of yachting« for personal reasons. Nobiskrug’s 144 m »A«, delivered in February, is given the usual industry put-downs – as is anything not fitting their idea of what yachts should look like. In fact, she may well be ahead of her time, offering some fuel savings through wind power and vast deck spaces – a true motor sailer, without the need for a large sailing crew. The 106 m »Black Pearl«, just out of Oceanco, sports the Dyna-Rig and proves many who negatively criticised the innovative »Maltese Falcon« saying »there will never be another« as wrong. Expect to see more environment-friendly, »different« explorer yachts, mono and multihull, with real naval architecture developments, launched in another five to ten years. M YACHTSPEZIALISTEN RECHTSANWÄLTE | YACHT CONSULTANTS KAUF- UND CHARTERVERTRÄGE * NEUBAU- UND REFITVERTRÄGE VERSICHERUNGSRECHTLICHE BERATUNG SCHADENSABWICKLUNG UND STREITIGE VERFAHREN FINANZIERUNGEN * CREW VERTRÄGE FLAGGENREGISTRIERUNGEN * EIGNERSTRUKTUREN * LEASINGMODELLE * TREUHANDSTRUKTUREN * BERATUNG UMSATZSTEUER UND EINFUHRBESTIMMUNGEN * COMPLIANCE * *Yacht consultancy in Kooperation mit Ince Consultancy LLP Hamburger Büro: Große Elbstrasse 47, D-22767 Hamburg T +49 40 38086-0 E tim.schommer@incelaw.com incelaw.com/yachts Beijing Cologne Dubai Hamburg Hong Kong Le Havre London Monaco Paris Piraeus Shanghai Singapore HANSA International Maritime Journal – 154. Jahrgang – 2017 – Nr. 9 37

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