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HANSA 08-2022

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Posidonia · Ammoniak · MV Werften · VDMA-Bilanz · Schmierstoffe · Kraftstoffe · Emissionshandel · Klimaklagen · Flaggen · Klassen · WISTA Germany · Compit 2022 Review · Peter Gast Regatta /odOffshoreDialoguenew technologiesfor future needs8 sept 2022 hamburgOffshore and energy technologies –mitigation and adaption to climate changeOffshore Dialogue welcomes some of the industry’s leadingexperts live on stage to discuss innovative maritimeand energy technologies for monitoring, mitigation andadapting climate change processes in the oceans.Join the conference at SMM 2022 to learn moreabout the challenges of extreme climate changes,as well as the opportunities offered bydigitalisation and new energy generation,storage, concept scalability andsupply cooperation with

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