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DNV 1/1HANSA – International Maritime Journal 08 | 202237

SCHIFFFAHRT | SHIPPINGAutonomous, intelligent swarms of cargo ships werepresented as a vision at MFS 2016 – feasible but faraway. Today it’s all about tangible solutions© Wärtsiläunderwater robotics and AI technology tocreate underwater inspection reports withease, simplicity, speed, and consistency.The approach is seen by many stakeholdersas a role model of future hull conditionmonitoring, using smart and connectedservices to lower carbon footprintsin shipping.With »Design Cooperation inCOVID-19 Times using VR« Virtual-Realitywill also be on the MFS agenda again.Kenneth Goh works for the Danish-basedship design firm Knud E. Hansen, in thePerth/Australia office. He has been responsiblenot just for innovation in the ship designproducts, but also the processes, includingthe role Virtual Reality can play inmultinational design projects, bringingpeople, ideas and technologies together.The company has been exploring and developingin VR with the use of ShipSpacesystem since 2016. VR-based cooperationhas gained momentum during theCOVID-19 restrictions on travel and meetings.The presentation reports on lessonlearnt and feedback from colleagues andcustomers. A sneak preview: »Even reluctantusers are comfortable and being productivein less than half an hour.«Data driven business modelsSmart ship operation will be the subject ofa presentation by Sean Fernback, CEO ofWärtsilä Voyage. »Intelligent vessel control,fleet and port optimisation provideimmediate answers to reducing fuel consumptionand carbon emissions while layingthe framework for a shift that’ll touchevery part of maritime transport’s valuechain«, he says. Fernback is the Presidentof Wärtsilä Voyage and Executive VicePresident of Wärtsilä Corporation. Priorto assuming this leadership role, Fernbackserved as Chief Technology Officer atNavico and was responsible for driving thecompany’s digital marine agenda. BeforeNavico, Fernback was brought in to turnthe C-MAP Marine Cartographic businessaround before being acquired by Navico.With over 25 years of experience in technologyand digital innovation, Fernback isusing his strategic software insight to leadWärtsilä Voyage in the creation of a connected,digital infrastructure to enablehigh-performing maritime logistics. WärtsiläVoyage supports Shipowners, Managers,Ports and Yards in their efforts toensure secure, highly energy-efficient andcost-effective marine operations.Ludmila Seppälä, Director Business Development,Marine Industry at Cadmatic,will provide insights on model-based developmentfor marine projects and digitalcontinuity of processes along with dataflow, resources, and materials are the coreof data-driven shipbuilding. »Gains inquality and optimization start with thedigital model and expand to cover a completelife-cycle of vessels and digital treadof data in the shipbuilding«, she says. Herpresentation is titled »A Vision for CAD/CAM Integration for the Shipbuilding Industry«.Ludmila Seppälä holds an M.Sc. in Shipbuildingand Ocean Engineering from St.-Petersburg Marine Technical University aswell as an MBA from Turku AppliedScience University. She has over 20 years’experience in the marine and CAD softwarefields with a strong know-how in digitaltransformation and data-driven shipbuilding.As shipbuilding and software solutionsfield professional with extensive experiencein software implementation andproject management, she has also traveledto over 1/3 of the world to meet with shipbuildersand CAD users. Her previous experienceincludes marine engineering,basic, detailed, and production outfittingdesign, project management, internationalbusiness development, and marketing. Shecurrently holds the position of Director,Business Development, Marine Industry atCadmatic.»The key to the future«»Are you sure that you know all essentialinformation that you need to achieve thebest performance of your fleet?« Thisquestion will be posed by Patrick Mueller,Siemens Energy Marine. »It is importantto have a holistic view on all your assets,available in real time, from machinery tonavigation combined with environmentalconditions. The solution is an open digitalecosystem, open to gather any kind of information,onboard a vessel and onshorefrom different sources«, he says. His topicwill be »Ultimate data transparency as thekey to a brighter future«. Müller started hiscareer with Siemens in 1990 with a professionaleducation as a power electronicsinstaller. In 1998 he was in charge of automationtechnology as an IT Expert andTechnician, until 2000 when he became aProduct Developer for power managementand IT solutions. In 2012 Müller becamethe Senior Key Expert & Product Managerfor SISHIP and SINAVY automation solutionsfor Siemens Marine Headquarters.Since 2018 Müller has been the BusinessOwner of Marine Digitalization Solutions.Ma Jilin, Director of Intelligent Technology& Safety Laboratory at MFS sponsorChina Classification Society (CCS)will share details on the accelerated digitaltransformation at CCS.HANSA invites you to join the MaritimeFuture Summit and discuss thelatest digital trends and innovations. fs38 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 08 | 2022

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