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PEOPLE CARNIVAL: Josh Weinstein, derzeitChief Operations Officer desKreuzfahrtunternehmens,wird dieRolle des Präsidentenund CEO dervon Arnold Donaldübernehmenund zudem alsChief Climate Officerfungieren. Donald wechselt zum 1.August auf seinen neuen Posten alsstellvertretender Vorsitzender des Verwaltungsratsder Carnival Corporation. NORTON ROSE FULBRIGHT:Yianni Cheilas ist neuer Griechenlandchefder weltweittätigen Anwaltskanzlei.wird zum1. August DimitriSofianopoulos ablösen,der seit fast30 Jahren für dieKanzlei tätig ist.Sofianopoulos wird eine Aufgabe beider Costamare-Gruppe übernehmen,aber weiterhin als Senior Consultant beiNorton Rose Fulbright tätig sein. DUALOG: Marco Meyer ist künftigvon Leer aus für den norwegischenSoftware-Spezialistenaktiv, der diePräsenz auf demdeutschen undnordeuropäischenMarkt ausbauenwill. Meyer kommtvon NSSL Global.STG Sprechtag»Construction, Installation and Operationof Offshore Wind Platforms« ist das Themades STG-Sprechtags am 5. Oktober.Dabei geht es schwerpunktmäßig um dieWeiterentwicklung von HVDC-Konverterplattformensowie deren Installationsmethodenauf See. Zudem werden möglichezukünftige Plattformen und Anlagenzur Speicherung von Energie und spezielleOffshore-Schiffe vorgestellt. The GasExpertsInnovations forGreener Shipping ZF FRIEDRICHSHAFEN: HolgerKlein ist zum Vorstandsvorsitzendender ZF FriedrichshafenAG berufenworden. Bisher alsVorstand verantwortlichfür dieRegion Asien-Pazifik,den UnternehmensbereichPkw-Fahrwerktechnik, Aftermarketund Produktion, folgt er zum Jahreswechsel2022/2023 auf Wolf-HenningScheider. DEUTSCHES HAFENMUSEUM:Bernhard Staubermann wird GründungsdirektordesDeutschen Hafenmuseumsin Hamburg.Der Technikhistorikerund internationalerfahreneMuseumsfachmannwird ab1. November 2022 die Leitung des imAufbau befindlichen und zukünftig anzwei Standorten betriebenen DeutschenHafenmuseums übernehmen.Engineering state-of-the-artTGE Gas Systems MarineGas for the Maritime JuniorPage IndustryTGE Marine Gas Engineering the leadingliquified gas systems‘ provider specialisingin cargo handling systems for gas carriers(LPG, LEG, NH 3, Ethane, CO 2& LNG), FSRUsand bunker vessels, including tanks.Furthermore, TGE Marine is a pioneer in fuel gassystems for LNG, NH 3and other alternativefuels. The company has been contracted formore than 250 gas handling, fuel gas andstorage systems globally. Fuel Gas SystemsLNG, LPG, NH 3and other alternativefuels, including storage• LPG & Ethylene Gas Carriers &other Gas CarriersGas handling and storage systems forLPG, LEG & CO 2carriers• LNG / NH 3Shuttle Tankers &Bunker VesselsCargo handling and fuel supply systemsas well as type C storage solutions• Floating Storage UnitsFSOs & FPSOsFSRUsLPG / LEG / CO 2LNG Tankers (Shuttle Tankers& Bunker Vessels)Fuel Gas SystemsFloating Storage &Regasification Unitswww.tge-marine.comHANSA – International Maritime Journal 08 | 20229

MÄRKTE | MARKETSAtlantic congestion props up ratesThe liner shipping market continues to lose steam on the main head haul routes from the FarEast. Rates for transatlantic business are keeping firm, though. By Michael HollmannSpot freight rates for containers out ofAsia continued their gentle slide inthe last couple of weeks as vessel capacityhas remained relatively relaxed. Althoughhard data is missing, anecdotalreports from freight professionals suggestthat cargo volumes have not picked up asexpected following the relaxation of lockdownsin China. Even the cancellation ofaround 10% of all sailings on the maineast-west routes during July did not stopfreight rates from declining further, althoughthey still remain historically high– almost double the long-term average,according to Drewry’s World ContainerIndex. Analysts are even predicting anotherset of record results by liner shippingcompanies for the second quarter.Yet, it looks more and more as if the marketis past a turning point.The largest falls keep occurring in thetranspacific eastbound trade fromChina to North America, especially tothe US West Coast. Downward adjustmentsby 3 % or more per week havebeen common lately. Reductions in theAsia-Europe trade are more limitedright now following notable falls earlierduring the first five months. The growingimpression that trade volumes areslackening is in line with the disappointingperformance of purchasing managerindices (PMI) beyond Europe and theUS. Even the global PMI compiled byS&P Global showed another negativereading on the sub index for new exportorders during June, signalling furtherweakness in cargo volumes.Atlantic trades holding steadyThe only trades holding steady amid thegrowing gloom are those within the Atlantic.Rates on the run from North Europeto the US East Coast keep movingsideways at levels much higher than a yearago. Benchmarking platform Xeneta isputting average levels at around8,600 $/FEU despite a major increase ofaround 15 % in total service capacity inthe transatlantic trade, according to HongKong research firm Linerlytica. Further,freight rates gained significant strength intrades from the Far East to the East Coastof South America and from North Europeto the West Coast of South America.As far as cargo volumes in the transatlantictrade are concerned, latest availableCTS data shows 3.5 % growth yearon-yearfor May, against a contraction by–2.8 % for global liftings. It indicates thatUS import demand for European goodshas proven resilient until May. The moreimportant factors for the strength inrates, however, appear to be rising congestionlevels in ports in North Europeand on the US East Coast. Queues ofwaiting container vessels outside portsreached levels of more than 40 for Savannahin the US and 13–14 for Hamburg.The latter appears to be the most congestedport in Northwest Europe rightnow. The reasons are manifold: mostvessels arriving off schedule today; shortagesof labour, trucks and chassis; strikesand labour unrest in the German ports.Problems have been accumulating and itseems that a quick fix is not on the cards.Although it is a nuisance for carriers, logisticsoperators and shippers, it cannotbe denied that congestion in the NorthVIEWPOINTMultipurpose shipping goingfrom »red hot« to »hot«A »healthy correction« is about to takeplace in the multipurpose vessel market,says Jan Erik Schulte, managing partnerof shipbroker and commercial managerCOE Shipping in Buxtehude. What worrieshim is the differential treatment ofship types engaged in the smallest drybulk trades.There has been some pressure on breakbulkand project freight rates in Europelately. What’s happening? Are cargo volumesfalling?Jan-Erik Schulte: I am not sure if volumesof breakbulk and smaller bulk parcelsare down. Perhaps the economicslowdown and supply shortages acrossindustries are limiting export volumes inEurope. My impression is that it’s more todo with relaxation of capacity in theneighbouring segments of container anddry bulk. As a result, you have more tonnagecompeting for all sorts of cargo. Soas cargo broker we are able to obtainbetter rates again from container lines forproject cargoes. Perhaps it’s normal,though, for container and bulk trades totake a breather in a summer lull after arally of 1–2 years.What’s in store? How do you expect themultipurpose (mpp)/project charter marketto be one year from now?Schulte: I think the market will retreat abit to a healthier level in the16,000–18,000 $/day range for F classtype 12,500 dwt ships. Today it’s over20,000 $/day which doesn’t feel sustainablein the long run. A moderate correctionwould bring back cargo that’sJan Erik Schulte – Managing DirectorCOE Shippingbeen put on hold because of sky-highfreights. We know big project shipperswho now prefer to manufacture locallyinstead of shipping from their central© Michael Hollmann10 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 08 | 2022

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