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HANSA 07-2021

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TECH-INNOVATION POWERED BY VDMA - MARINE EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEMS SIEMENS Efficient remote commissioning of the new Kiel Canal ferries The Kiel Canal is the highest traffic artificial sea shipping route in the world. The Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV) is responsible for its operation – including ferry traffic. To make ferry transportation as future-proof, efficient, and sustainable as possible, WSV began replacing the existing ferries with new models with hybrid drives in 2021. Sustainable drive system The three new models will receive dieselelectric SiShip BlueDrive Eco hybrid drives from Siemens Energy, the batteries of which can be charged via both onboard generator and connection to shore. The speed-controlled drives run efficiently even at a lower total output and can be easily combined with alternative energy sources from solar power to fuel cells. They achieve significant reductions in costs and emissions through fuel savings and a longer service life. The commissioning of the first ferry was carried out particularly efficiently via remote maintenance: With their »Remote Support+« service, the Siemens Energy engineers were able to guide the technicians at the shipyard in Estonia through the process in real time using HoloLens technology and augmented reality applications – time- and costefficiently as well as independent of external factors such as corona restrictions. Two ferries with the same technology are currently under construction; more will follow after the trial run. © Siemens THE BEST EXPERIENCE WITH TRANSFORMERS. Transformers – Made in Germany The right transformer whatever the task: Individually developed or proven standard solutions – we deliver the highest quality for every industry. Cast resin transformers // Oil-immersed transformers Starting transformers // Testing transformers Reactors // Special and Regulating transformers PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE CUSTOM FITTED STRAIGHT TO TARGET 44 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 07 | 2021

SB BRONESKE New design – exhaust gas flap © SB Broneske As specialists in elastic support, SB Broneske develops different and customized solutions for funnel tops. The Quickborn-based company designs exhaust gas flap variants proven and in use over the last 20 years. Four-flap exhaust gas flaps are a new design already in use and available – as well as exhaust gas flaps with one or two flaps. They prevent rain or splash water from getting into the exhaust system. The flaps protect engine and exhaust pipe system from the corrosive effects of rain, snow and adapt to the operating condition of the engine: Opening or closing when the engine is started or stopped. Considering results of in-house 3D printing, FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis for vibration, flow or structure, SB Broneske develops what it calls »the best solution for customers«. By having expanded the portfolio with adapted CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations, the CFD and FEM analysis enables the experts to identify and exploit potential for improvement in early development phases. SB Broneske (Schwingungstechnik- Broneske GmbH) is an internationally operating specialist for exhaust pipe systems as well as SCR/scrubbers. Established in 1972, the company manufactures all products at its factory in Quickborn near Hamburg. AQUATHERM DNV certification for use in »essential systems« Aquatherm products may now be used in shipbuilding in systems which are essential for the operation and safety of the ship. This is certified by the international classification society DNV with the issue of type examination certificate TAK00001WZ. The DNV certification was preceded by a 15-month process which included three audits and six virtual meetings. In addition, numerous internal and external tests were carried out. For example, burst pressure tests on various assemblies in dimensions 250 mm and 450 mm, buckling pressure tests for the calculated determination of the buckling pressure on all dimensions, as well as flame spread tests according to ASTM D635. The current certificate is an extension of the certification in shipbuilding for »aquatherm blue pipe MF RP«. Up until now, aquatherm blue pipe and aquatherm green pipe were only approved for »none essential systems«, such as hot and cold water distribution. They have now been added, to a limited extent, to the so-called »essential systems« on board a ship, such as main and secondary lines for bilge water and supply lines for sprinkler systems. This considerably expands the areas of application in shipbuilding. DNV also certified the external pressure resistance of the pipes in shipbuilding. Based on a test report of a materials research and application technology institute (IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH Dresden), aquatherm blue pipe SDR 11 MF RP can be loaded with an external pressure of up to 7.2 bar. The certification includes dimensions up to 450 mm. Körting ejectors for the shipbuilding industry trouble-free operation for life! HANSA – International Maritime Journal 07 | 2021 45 +49 511 2129-446 |

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