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HANSA 07-2019

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Schifffahrt | Shipping

Schifffahrt | Shipping Car Carriers: large and young makes it The global car carrier fleet of 807 vessels comprises 113 Large Car Truck Carriers (LCTC), 25 Pure Car Carriers (PCC) and 669 Pure Car Truck Carriers (PCTC). There are 863,581 CEU of LCTC tonnage, 13,824 CEU of PCC and 3,175,938 CEU of PCTC tonnage, adding up to a total live capacity of 4,053,343 CEU. At an average vessel age of 7.2 years, the LCTC segment is the youngest, followed by PCTCs with an average age of 13.7 years. This is not even half as old as the PCC segment with an average vessel age of 29.4 years. The car carrier orderbook consists of 23 LCTC units with a capacity of 176,176 CEU, followed by four PCTCs with 16,500 CEU in total and two PCC units with a combined capacity of 4,480 CEU adding up to 197,156 CEU to enter the market. The top four car carrier owners are led by MOL with 59 vessels and a total capacity of 347,723 CEU with an average vessel age of 11.5 years. K Line comes in second with its 55 vessels and a combined capacity of 294,709 CEU. The average vessel age is twelve years. Third and fourth in the ranking are Ray Car Carriers with 53 vessels and a total 423,942 CEU at an average ship age of 10.6 years and Cido Shipping with its 38 ships, 212,640 CEU in total and the average ship being 12.7 years of age. The top vessel owning country is Japan with a fleet of 329 car carriers and a total capacity of 1,590,816 CEU. Far behind follows Norway with 99 ships and 551,750 CEU total capacity. South Korea comes in third with a fleet of 71 vessels adding up to 488,770 CEU. The top ten car carrier owning countries list is completed by the Isle of Man, Hong Kong, China, Italy, Sweden, USA and the UK. The top three owning countries also lead the ranking of top second hand car carrier buyers in the years between 2014 and 2018. When it comes to newbuild orders, Grimaldi Group is top having eleven ships on order, all of which are going to be built in China. Ray Shipping comes in second with four ships ordered with South Korean shipyards. Siem Car Carriers, Cido Shipping and UECC each have two ships on order. In total, 29 ships are on order at the moment, mainly in China and South Korea with one unit being built in Croatia. Eleven ships will be delivered in 2019, twelve ships will join the market in 2020, six new units are scheduled for delivery in 2021. 88 new car carriers have joined the market since 2014. fs in cooperation with 26 HANSA International Maritime Journal 07 | 2019

Schifffahrt | Shipping Top Car Carrier Owners 350 1.800.000 300 1.600.000 250 1.400.000 1.200.000 No Vessels 200 150 1.000.000 800.000 Size CEU 100 50 No Vessels Size CEU 600.000 400.000 200.000 0 Japan Norway South Korea Isle of Man Hong Kong, China China Italy Sweden United States of America United Kingdom 0 Global Car Carrier Fleet by Number of Vessels PCTC, 673 LCTC, 136 PCC, 27 HANSA International Maritime Journal 07 | 2019 27

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