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HANSA 06-2021

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SCHIFFSTECHNIK | SHIP TECHNOLOGY PPG provides reefer refresh for Cosiarma The Genoa-based company Cosiarma, a specialist in import, marketing and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables, has placed an order with PPG Protective & Marine Coatings to improve the hull coatings of its four reefer vessels Cosiarma’s four vessels, »Cala Pino«, »Cala Pula«, »Cala Palma« and »Cala Pedra« are managed by Seatrade in the Netherlands. Cosiarma approached PPG ahead of dry-docking for a solution to discoloration of the red paint on its vessel topsides and boot tops caused by chalking as well as extensive damage to the bow area. Cosiarma also wanted the vessels to benefit from having a clean hull for the full sailing period until the next dry docking, as well as improved performance and reduced environmental impact. © PPG The solution for the issues on all four vessels was to offer a system centred around PPG Sigmadur 1800 finish coat. according to PPG, with its patented high durability technology, Sigmadur 1800 is the ideal product to prevent discoloration of the red colour on the vessel topsides and keep them bright. In addition, PPG proposed PPG Sigmaglide 1290 pure silicone fouling release for a clean hull and improved speed and power, PPG Sigmashield 1200 as a primer on the bow and boot top for excellent abrasion and impact resistance and PPG Sailadvance RX antifouling for the bow area. The latest generation PPG Sigmaglide 1290 fouling release hull coating is based on a 100 % pure silicone binder system. The biocide-free product helps to improve the vessels’ power performance and supports compliance with the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI), reducing greenhouse gases and achieving efficiency requirements. In addition to a clean hull, this premium coating delivers optimal performance through reduced power and minimal speed loss. PPG Sigmadur 1800 is PPG’s nextgeneration, low-VOC, high solids polymeric urethane gloss finish coat, the manufacturer says. As a final coat it provides »excellent resistance« to atmospheric exposure conditions with proven durability and long-lasting performance for up to 15 years. Its styrene-free formulation also provides exceptional colour and gloss retention. The PPG Sigmashield 1200 primer is a two-component, abrasion-resistant, solvent-free, amine-cured phenolic epoxy coating. This single-coat system is easy to clean and has excellent abrasion- and impact resistance, PPG says. Its service life is expected to be more than 20 years when the dried film is not seriously damaged. PPG Sailadvance RX is an advanced low friction, self-lubricating antifouling based on a self-release binder technology built on controlled surface active polymers, which suppress turbulent flow. This formulation results in low friction, high idle time tolerance and minimal speed loss. Having made the decision to proceed initially with two vessels, after application of the coatings on the »Cala Pino« and »Cala Pula«, the owner was so satisfied with the result and performance of the coatings on both vessels, that they requested the same combination to be applied to the »Cala Palma« and »Cala Pedra« a year later, reports PPG. ED | Phone: +49 160 96450593 50 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 06 | 2021

SCHIFFSTECHNIK | SHIP TECHNOLOGY HullKeeper Take hull control Controlling the condition of your ship´s hull is the key to avoiding increased fuel consumption and GHG emissions, which are a threat to both business and the environment. With HullKeeper, you get a range of services for optimized hull performance. You will be able to identify potential problems long before they slow you down, allowing you to make better decisions, faster. HANSA – International Maritime Journal 06 | 2021 51

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