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HANSA 06-2017

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Schiffstechnik | Ship Technology News Hybrid Shipping HEESEN YACHTS Hybrid propulsion yacht »Home« christened The owner of YN 17850 (aka Project »Nova«) has christened its new yacht »Home« at the facility of Heesen Yachts in Oss, the Netherlands. According to the shipyard it is the world’s first fast displacement equipped yacht with hybrid propulsion. Thanks to two water cooled DC electric shaft motors, each 127 kW, she will cruise at 9 kn using the generators alone. There are two sources of power for propulsion: diesel mechanical and diesel electrical. Either source can be used independently or simultaneously. With a transatlantic range of 3,750 nm at a cruising speed of 12 kn, the vessels top speed is 16.3 kn, which is particularly outstanding given that it is achieved with just two MTU 12V, 600 kW each – relatively small engines for a yacht of her size. The 50 m yacht »Home« has been christened in Oss, the Netherlands The »Home« is a 50 m long aluminium motoryacht below the 500GT and with a shallow draft of 2.15 m. Following commissioning of her systems in Oss the newbuilding will then move to Rotterdam where it will undergo her sea trials and offcial tests. The delivery is scheduled in June 2017. M Photo: Heesen Yachts / Dick Holthuis OSWALD Permanent magnet motors for less fuel consumption New propulsion systems for boats, ferries and inland tankers are currently under development. The delivery is scheduled for this summer. Oswald Elektromotoren is focused on the development of hybrid and electric propulsion systems. The product range include water or air-cooled electric motors between 10 and 3,500 kW. For example the company supplied the propulsion system for the hybrid passenger ferry »Vision of the Fjords«. It consists of two lines of MAN D2862LE422 diesel-engines with coupling/clutch combination, electric motor and generator combination with flexible connectors on each side, advanced torque measuring equipment and monitoring for each operation modus. The electric motors are permanent magnet (PM) synchronous application that acts as generator or electric motor depending on operation conditions. Furthermore Oswald has supplied the tugboat »Telstar« with two pm motors of 800kW each, running on a hybrid thruster system together with more powerful diesel engines. M THE NEW PCP CONTROLLABLE Operated by water hydraulic to save the environment and your budget! REGISTER NOW! AND EXPLORE MORE AT: HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/186394313 52 HANSA International Maritime Journal – 154. Jahrgang – 2017 – Nr. 6

Schiffstechnik | Ship Technology STADT POWER TECHNOLOGY Increased effciency by using gearboxes The Norwegian company Stadt Power Technology (Stadt) sees huge potential for geared electric propulsion in the maritime industry. Ships have been using gearboxes as part of their propulsion systems for many decades. Also the most noisesensitive modern submarines use the gearbox to drive their propeller. The fifth generation of drive technology – Stadt’s No-Loss drives – stands out as an ultimate solution when it comes to sustainability; including high effciency, reliability, safety and stealth features the company stated. In general, a simple gearbox is a reliable and effcient device. The power losses count to somewhere between 1% and 2%, depending on the gear ratio, teething, bearings and lubricant Stadt informs. In addition a gear box can also give operational advantages such as increased redundancy, by using several electric motors in to one gearbox. In Stadt’s No-Loss electric propulsion drive systems, the use of the gearbox is also combined with the use of controllable pitch propellers. Reasons why all these applications are using the gearbox are an increased torque and power and space and weight savings. Field experiments over several years combined with simulations have shown that the Stadt’s No-Loss drive technology, will gain 5 to 6% in fuel savings per year compared to traditional AC drive solutions based on Non-sinusoidal drives. These savings add up with the general savings gained for the No-Loss electric propulsion drive system electric propulsion arrangement, where typically four to six generators provides the energy, and enable to shut off completely the power sources that are not needed any time. This leads to a fuel saving that may count up to 30% per year compared to ships with mechanical propulsion, Stadt says, in particular for ships with a variable load profile, DP, or doing slow steaming as part of their operation. M Source: Stadt Die OSWALD Elektromotoren GmbH produziert individuelle, kompakte Elektromotoren und Generatoren nach Kundenspezifikation bzgl. elektrischer und mechanischer Ausführung. OSWALD-Motoren sind kompakt und robust, mit hoher Leistungsdichte, geringem Trägheitsmoment und hoher Dynamik. Neue Technologien und Entwicklungen sind unser Programm. Fragen Sie nach unseren Lösungen: - PM High Torque Motoren - PM Synchron-Motoren - AC Asynchron-Motoren - Drehmomentbereich bis 200kNm - Leistungsbereich 10kW bis 3.5MW - Schiffs-Hauptantriebe, Thruster, PTI/PTO - für elektr. und hybride Antriebs-Systeme - Winden und Krane - Wasserkraftanlagen - rotierende Energiespeicher Besuchen Sie uns: www.OSWALD.de Treffen Sie uns Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2017 Amsterdam Stand E5010 HANSA International Maritime Journal – 154. Jahrgang – 2017 – Nr. 6 53

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