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HANSA 05-2022

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Kran- und Hebetechnik | Danelec | Compit | Korrosionsschutz | HullPIC | HANSA & WISTA Germany | Norwegens Reeder und die Börse | 175 Jahre Hapag-Lloyd | MPP-Schifffahrt


HÄFEN | PORTS inspections. Crane upgrades come in many forms. The most common crane upgrades CPA get involved with are: •Crane raises • Boom extensions • Rated load increases • Increasing the useful life of the crane Raising the crane and extending the outreach helps extend the useful life of the crane by allowing the crane to service larger vessels. If the cranes are large enough to service the vessels calling at the berth, the cranes may need structural strengthening to allow them to be used longer. Strengthening can help prevent issues like cracks; this minimizes downtime, and the crane can be more profitable to operate. However, some cranes begin having significant structural issues and, like a used car, become too expensive to operate because the maintenance costs and down-time are too high. Don’t turn a blind eye The most important defence against structural aging is targeted inspections performed at specified intervals. Of course, operators and maintenance personnel should be trained to inspect constantly at every opportunity. This is the best form of insurance and, like buckling a seat belt, it is free. However, this A single trolley ship-to-shore crane with forestay (a structural member that supports the cantilevered boom that sticks out over the water), and other parts labeled should not replace inspection by trained technicians working at known intervals. Periodically, all cranes should be examined by a technician that has broad, generic experience with structural maintenance problems. Dangerous cracking and deterioration © CPA Cranes & life-saving packages To reach a safe place you need more than just a boat. Made in Germany Davits Cranes Aftersales Industry www.di-hische.de 76 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 05 | 2022

HÄFEN | PORTS A double trolley ship-to-shore crane with forestay (also a structural member of the installation that supports the cantilevered boom that sticks out over the water), and other parts labeled can escape even the most conscientious visual inspection. A sizeable fatigue crack can close so tightly that it may not be visible to the naked eye even if known to exist. The only reliable way to find fatigue cracks is by non-destructive testing (NDT) methods by a qualified technician. An engineered inspection manual can tell inspectors where and how often to look for cracks. A good inspection manual will show which NDT tests to run on the welds most likely to have fatigue cracks develop. For container cranes, maintenance windows are available in between berthing vessels. During this time, the cranes are not in service, and NDT can be performed. The inspection methods most used are visual, magnetic particle, or ultrasonic, and will depend on how critical the member is to the load carrying capacity of the crane. Inspection by outside technicians is expensive but can save property and lives. Like all other risk / benefit alternatives there is no universal answer to how much one should spend to reduce risk. The key to getting the best life out of these cranes is to have a good inspection manual and a responsive maintenance program. Creating post design life structural inspection manuals is a widely accepted service many crane owners currently utilize. Discovering a crack early can not only limit the scope of the repair but also limit unscheduled downtime. Author: Richard Phillips Mechanical Engineer Casper, Phillips & Associates (CPA) Konecranes CheckApp für die tägliche Kranprüfung. Die Konecranes CheckApp für die tägliche Kranprüfung hilft den Krananwendern, die Ergebnisse der Prüfung vor Aufnahme des Kranbetriebs (Anfahrkontrolle) schnell und einfach aufzuzeichnen. CheckApp Sie bietet den Anwendern eine digitale und kostengünstige Möglichkeit zur Aufzeichnung und zum Abruf täglicher Inspektionsdaten, die für die interne Revision und die Einhaltung von Vorschriften verwendet werden können. Die Kranprüfung vor Aufnahme des Betriebs ist gesetzlich vorgeschrieben. 100% papierlos Echtzeitanzeige der Prüfungen Standartisierte Checkliste Entspricht den gesetzlichen Vorgaben Transparente und nachvollziehbare Prüfungsergebnisse konecranes.de HANSA – International Maritime Journal 05 | 2022 77

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