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HANSA 05-2020

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Tech-Hub HANSA TECH-HUB STENA LINE »Stena Germanica« uses methanol as fuel for five years The ferry »Stena Germanica« marks five years of operation with methanol as fuel. The vessel was converted to be capable of running on methanol fuel in early 2015 at Remontowa Shipyard in Poland. The 240 m long ferry, with a capacity for 1,500 passengers and 300 cars, was retrofitted with a first-of-its-kind fuel-flexible Wärtsilä 4-stroke engine that can run on methanol or traditional marine fuels. The ferry began the world’s first methanol-powered sailings between Gothenburg, Sweden, and Kiel, Germany, in late-March of 2015. In another initiative, the Swedish shipping company relies on bio-fuel. For the first time, the fuel will be tested on board the MR1 ship »Stena Immortal«, which is described as 100% bio. It is produced from used cooking oil and is supplied by GoodFuels in the port of Rotterdam. The fuel will be used for normal operation of the main engine to test the technical and operational feasibility. SEA-LNG New report highlights availability of methane The industry coalition Sea-LNG, has released the latest in its series of technology reports. The CE Delft study analyses the availability and costs of Liquefied Bio Methane (LBM) and Liquefied Synthetic Methane (LSM) and concludes that both could become available in sufficient quantities to make a contribution towards future decarbonisation for the shipping industry, and that the costs need not be significantly higher than those of other lowand zero-carbon fuels. The study explores the potential availability and cost of LBM and LSM produced from renewable electricity with the aim of providing industry-leading, timely, and proven analysis to support the growing case for LBM and LSM in driving forward LNG as a decarbonisation solution towards 2030, 2050, and beyond. The findings are that both LBM and LSM are scalable solutions for the maritime sector, with estimated sustainable global supplies potentially exceeding the demands of shipping in the future, and likely to be commercially competitive relative to other low- and zero-carbon fuels. • Drahtseile • Tauwerk • Festmacher • CASAR Bordkranseile • Anschlagmittel • Prüflasttest bis 1.000 t • Segelmacherei • Taklerei • Montage Walter Hering KG Porgesring 25 22113 Hamburg Telefon: 040 – 73 61 72 -0 eMail: BALLAST WATER MANAGEMENT Ecochlor bets on air freight Ecochlor joins forces with Horizon Air Freight to provide world-wide logistical support for Ecochlor customers. Ecochlor is a ballast water management system (BWMS) manufacturer. The system uses chlorine dioxide (ClO2), generated by a simple process on board the vessel to treat the ballast water in a single pass during uptake. Horizon Air Freight has agents in 32 countries and more than 18,000 shipments per year. The company boasts a state-of-the-art IT track and tracing freight management system, with managers trained to expedite shipments for clients. 40 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 05 | 2020

Tech-Hub KALMAR Oslo orders AutoRTG cranes Cargotec subsidiary Kalmar will supply three fully electric AutoRTG cranes to Oslo Port Authority. The delivery is scheduled for the third quarter of 2021. The AutoRTGs will operate at Yilport Oslo Terminal, Norway’s largest container port. They will be 9+1 wide with a lifting capacity of 50 t. The semi-automated cranes will be operated from a remote desk and will include an automated positioning system that helps the operator optimise productivity by concentrating on picking and placing containers only. They will also include a stiff rope reeving system that enables precise remote control over the cranes, helping to speed up operations. The automation system has been designed to help the container handling industry move towards standardisation, speed up automation deployment, shorten startup lead times and simplify maintenance due to its modular architecture and open interfaces. KONGSBERG Remote training set expanded Kongsberg Maritime has announced an integrated strategy to deliver remote, targeted trainings for its customers. Three products – Remote Training, e-Learning and K-CAT (Competence Assessment Tool) – combine to ensure that vessel crews can fully benefit from experts’ input in offices or home offices. Remote Training is delivered through established virtual classrooms and online training tools. The virtual/digital training environment allows remote students to learn using their own vessel’s software, assisted live by a qualified instructor. E-Learning – which is now available for K-Chief 600 in addition to Kongsberg’s ECDIS course – delivers an interactive learning experience without the instructor, allowing the students to complete the course at their convenience. E-Learning typically comprises a combination of theoretical lessons, practical tasks and summative tests after every topic, qualifying the student to sign up for a final online assessment. The Online assessment is carried out via the Competence Assessment Tool. Usage includes verification of crews’ competence, pre-employment assessments and more – for example, to verify a potential employee’s knowledge of a subject prior to hiring them. K-CAT also offers a portfolio of competence assessments that measure key competencies from two perspectives: system understanding/utilisation of the DP system and practical skills of DP Operators. K-CAT is compliant with IMCA M 117 and DNV GL standards. 2-Hour Holding Time Under Revised G8 and USCG Regulation * Full scale type approval of USCG, Revised G8 and all major authorities; Over 2,500 units contracted; Ultra-low power consumption even in fresh water; More than 30 service stations specifically for BWMS; email: | | TEL: (86) 532 8310 7817 *: 2-hour holding for USCG TAC is currently under review. ENWA Water Technology represents Headway in Norway and Germany | HANSA – International Maritime Journal 05 | 2020 41

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