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HANSA 05-2017

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Special Focus: NorShipping 2017 | HullPic Review | COMPIT Preview | Leonhardt & Blumberg | Sewol  salvage | Tugs | German Banks | Tanker | Maritime Politics | Offshore Tender


Nor-Shipping Nor-Shipping enables a glimpse at the future maritime universe The upcoming leading maritime event will seek more for less – more digital, more innovative and more forward-looking to ride the various storms of crisis and competition by profound change. By Sverre Gutschmidt 34 HANSA International Maritime Journal – 154. Jahrgang – 2017 – Nr. 5

Nor-Shipping Exhibitors from more than 80 countries will network at Nor-Shipping, one of the world’s leading maritime fairs from 30 May to 02 June. Oslo will be »the center of the maritime universe again for a week,« as an attendee says. The fair is expected to attract 35,000 visitors. About 1,000 maritime companies from all over the globe will present products and services. This year at the biannual event, the innovative 1.7 km Stad Ship Tunnel has become a symbol for Norway’s course on the peak of shipping (see pages 46-47). Going forward as a catalyst for change is what Nor- Shipping will be about this year. In 2015 the fair celebrated its 50 th anniversary. Since then, the mood in the industry has changed. While signs of crisis cloud many maritime business areas, future opportunities and smart operations will be more pressing issues than before. Birgit Liodden, the young Director of Nor-Shipping, has chosen the term »Disruptive Sustainability« to rise to the challenges ahead. She wants to trigger a new wave of digital maritime solutions. Hall A will be dedicated to this topic: »The Disruptive Sustainability Hall will be dark and immersive, creating an »Enter the Ocean Space« experience and feature an exciting Disruptive Room dedicated to exploring new insights,« says Project Manager Sofia Fürstenberg. Disruptive Talks will look into future markets and technologies. Liodden says, Nordic countries will lead the way through heavy seas which urge for transformational change and see the potential as »home of disruption«. This change towards cleaner, more effcient operation and the digital revolution will be presented as intrinsically tied to the development of shipping as a global industry. The exhibition will feature theme parks in six halls which group industry segments. Totalling 22,500 m2 the fair will address the guiding theme Disruptive Sustainability, but also IT and Navigation, Safety and Rescue, Shipbuilding and Repair, Maritime Services & Logistics and the sixth hall will showcase Propulsion and Machinery. This time, 20 national pavilions add to the experience. The influence of a new digital world will be traceable more than in prior Nor-Shipping events: The industry faces new applicants for an Uber of shipping, big lines like Maersk accelerate digitalisation while drones offer new markets as a recent extensive contract between Martec Marine and the European Safety Agency shows. At the same time, Amazon and Google steer a course into shipping and give proof of the potential influence from outside. Looking at the trends in Oslo, additive manufacturing also known as »3D printing« is at the doorstep. Nor-Shipping will investigate steps to reproduce components instantly and provide spare parts aboard. Forecasts show gas related shipping could expect growth. Japan will send a high level hydrogen delegation. »Clean maritime fuels are the future and we, at Nor-Shipping, want to play our part in realizing their huge potential,« Liodden says. Cleantech companies will be strongly represented in hall A. Green ferry pioneer »Vision of the Fjords« will be at the Festival Street Harbour to provide a live experience in battery powered drive technology. Nor-Shipping aims at triggering a new green propulsion era. Cleantech will be a top priority HANSA International Maritime Journal – 154. Jahrgang – 2017 – Nr. 5 35

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