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HANSA 04-2022

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SCHIFFSTECHNIK | SHIP TECHNOLOGY © Havila © Höegh Nominated: »Havila Capella« from Havila Kystruten ... .... the Aurora class newbuilding from car carrier Höegh Autoliners ... Driving progress Sidsel Norvik says: »The fact we can now run this physically, and safely, with no restrictions on numbers or social distancing requirements, will provide a perfect arena for stakeholders to meet and form the relationships that will be crucial in driving the progress we need to see for a sustainable future.« Blue Talks series In the Blue Talks series of panel discussions CEOs, industry heads and key ocean stakeholders are preparing to »supercharge change«. The 12 talks take place in the Blue Economy Hall at Nor-Shipping’s Lillestrøm exhibition facilities, with hour-long sessions focusing on future strategies, solutions and building partnerships capable of delivering sustainable ocean success. The programme is said to offer »an unmissable opportunity« to see »an industry A-list debating how to transform ocean ambition into reality.« »If you take a look at the pedigree of the participants, you can understand why the Blue Talks are generating so much interest,« Norvik explains. »Everyone from leading business CEOs, to regulators, the heads of cluster organisations, NGO chiefs, and more, are taking to the stage to discuss topics that are tailored to help the audience understand developments and enable progress.« »Knowledge is power« Amongst the standout talks is Financing Transformation, which brings together names including Øivind Amundsen, CEO, Euronext, Tone Lunde Bakker, CEO, Export Finance Norway and Andreas Enger, CEO, Höegh Autoliners, to discuss changing trends, demands and opportunities in accessing the funds to facilitate the future. For those looking to unlock value from new collaborations, partnerships, and ways of working, Cross Industry Collaboration and System Change sheds light on how individual players can come together to take control of change. Panellists include Paul Holthus, CEO, World Ocean Council, Rolf Thore Roppestad, CEO of Gard, and Ingvild Sæther, President and CEO, Altera Infrastructure Group. New solutions will be under the spotlight in Scaling Novel Ideas from Concept to Commercial Success. Audience members can tap into unique insights from, amongst others, Hege Økland, CEO, NCE Maritime CleanTech, Joshua made by Schaffran VERSTELLPROPELLER FESTPROPELLER ® SCHAFFRAN Propeller + Service GmbH Bei der Gasanstalt 6-8 I D-23560 Lübeck Tel: +49 (0) 451-58323-0 I Präzision ist unser Schlüssel zum Erfolg 50 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 04 | 2022

SCHIFFSTECHNIK | SHIP TECHNOLOGY © Sea-Cargo © Wallenius ... the retrofit project »Sea connector« with rotor sails ... ... and the »Sleipnir« design of Wallenius group Berger, CEO, Washington Maritime Blue, and Yoshioka Tatsuya, Founder and Director, Peace Boat Group. Next generation ship award In whatever form visitors and exhibitors come together, the tradition of maritime awards will maintain. In mid December, the organizers released details of the four vessels on the shortlist for the »Next Generation Ship Award«. The prize, to be awarded at Nor- Shipping’s Opening Ceremony is known as a highlight of »Your Arena for Ocean Solutions«, having previously been won by Color Line’s »Color Hybrid« in 2017 for example. This year will see Höegh Autoliner’s »Aurora«, Havila Voyages’ »Havila Capella«, Sea-Cargo’s retrofit project »SC Connector«, and Wallenius’ »Sleipner« design fight it out for the accolade. »It’s been a challenging year for the industry, and society in general,« comments Norvik, »but the disruption hasn’t impacted upon the speed of innovation – and the depth of ambition – defining the maritime world at present. These four vessels are the embodiment of that drive, demonstrating breakthrough technology that has the potential to set new standards for owners and operators worldwide. There can only be one winner, but they should all be applauded.« 2025, or for conversions or retrofits completed since the last Nor-Shipping in 2019. Key criteria for assessment include energy efficiency, innovation, suitability and flexibility, technology utilisation, safety and security, and environmental sustainability, with an expert international jury deliberating over what Norvik calls »a hugely impressive« field of contenders. However, four entries eventually stood out. Höegh Autoliners’ »Aurora« design will be the largest and greenest PCTC ever built, boasting DNV’s new ammonia and methanol ready notations. It will offer 60 % lower CO2 emissions per nautical mile and car equivalent unit (CEU) compared to a standard car carrier. Coastal cruise ferry »Havila Capella« is set to be powered by battery and liquid natural gas, cutting CO2 emissions by around 25 % and NOx emissions by 80–95 %. The battery packs are the world’s largest on board a ship, with an output of 6.1 MW. The new »Sleipner« design from Wallenius has been conceived with a variety of smart solutions to reduce environmental impact. These include multi-fuel engines, batteries, a shore connection and a design that eliminates the need for ballast water. Last, but not least, the 1997 built »SC Connector« has been selected for a retrofit of two tiltable rotor sails and a battery pack energy storage system. As a result, the »SC Connector« has reduced its annual fuel consumption and emissions by up to 25 %. ED Newbuild or Retrofit? The award aims to shine a global spotlight on maritime innovation. It is open to any newbuild set to be delivered up to January Nor-Shipping 2022 takes place as usual in Oslo and Lillestrom © Nor-Shipping HANSA – International Maritime Journal 04 | 2022 51

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