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HANSA 04-2021

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SHIPS MADE IN GERMANY FSG First ship after relaunch Just before the turn of the year, Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) started production of a RoRo ferry. It is the first order after the restructuring and restart of the shipyard in September 2020. The first hull segment of newbuilding No. 782, weighing more than 50 t, was lowered by crane onto a bracing that held a 1 € coin as a good luck charm for the RoRo ferry to be built for IVP Ship Invest, a company owned by Lars Windhorst, founder of Tennor Holding. The 210-meter newbuilding is scheduled for completion in April 2022. In addition, the customer is placing an option for a second vessel. The order has a total volume of 140 mill. €. In the future, naval shipbuilding at the Flensburg Fjord is to be given a stronger focus. »The shipyard will diversify in the future, and we will increasingly act as a reliable partner to the German Navy as well as in international naval shipbuilding,« announced CEO Philipp Maracke. To this end, he says, it will be possible to build on earlier projects, as FSG continues to have a good reputation as a naval shipyard, even though merchant ships have been built in Flensburg in recent years. Furthermore, FSG wants to address the issue of zero emission vessels and thus achieve ecological and economic market leadership in special shipbuilding, explains the FSG Chief Executive. FASSMER AWI orders reseach vessel In August 2020, the Fassmer shipyard has been awarded the contract for the new coastal research vessel »Uthörn« by the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), following an EU-wide tendering process. The government will provide 14.45 mill. € for the first ship in the German research fleet to be powered by methanol. The vessel is designed for research tasks in coastal and shelf sea research. Delivery for scientific testing is scheduled for 2022. The new »Uthörn« replaces the research cutter of the same name that was commissioned in 1982. The size of the ship – 35.7 m long, 9 m wide – is identical to its predecessor. In addition to the methanol propulsion system, there is another innovation: the ship will have crane jibs at the stern and on the side, which will allow scientific equipment to be used in an even more versatile way. The main area of operation will be the North Sea where scientists examine, e.g., the water’s nutrient and salt content, turbidity and temperature. TAMSEN MARITIM German customs order boats Tamsen Maritim from Rostock started building two new patrol boats for German customs in December 2020. Orders for comparable units of the federal authorities had recently been awarded to foreign shipyards. This time, however, there was a competition exclusively among German shipyards. The two aluminum-hull ships with a length of 23 m were completely redesigned by Tamsen and HB Hunte Engineering and developed using 3D CAD. Two MAN engines each produce 882 kW (2,372 hp) and comply with the Tier III emissions standard. The deckhouse is elastically mounted and largely vibration-free. 40 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 04 | 2021

SHIPS MADE IN GERMANY NOBISKRUG »Project 795« moved to outfitting pier Nobiskrug has moved the latest yacht newbuilding to the outfitting pier in October. Little is known about »Project 795«, laid down last year. The five-decks design of the 70-m yacht (1,864 GT) comes from Winch Design. The ship was towed from Nobiskrug to the Lindenau shipyard in Kiel-Friedrichsort, where the newbuilding will be completed. MYB (Motor Yacht Build) is overseeing the build on behalf of the unnamed customer. The Lindenau shipyard, which like Nobiskrug and German Naval Yards is part of Privinvest’s shipbuilding group, is to be expanded to handle new yacht builds and retrofit orders. Just four weeks earlier, Nobiskrug announced plans to lay off a quarter of its workforce to bring forward the restructuring planned for 2021 anyway. Nobiskrug aims to »build and deliver high-quality super yachts at a competitive price.« FERUS SMIT First Naabsa-ship for Thun Ferus Smit has delivered a new tanker to Thun shipping group in November 2020. The product tanker »Thun Blyth« had been built at the Dutch shipyard and German subsidiary in Leer. At 79.9 m long and 15 m wide, the ship has a deadweight tonnage of 4,250 t and a hold capacity of 4,800 m3. The special feature of the »Thun Blyth« is its »Naabsa« design. The ships are designed in such a way that they can also fall dry without causing major problems: »Not Always Afloat but Safely Aground« (Naabsa). This means that even small tidal harbors can be called at. It is the first ship of this type for the shipping company. »Thun Blyth« was launched at the end of August. In the summer, the shipping company ordered another ship of this type. It is scheduled to enter service in spring 2022. HANSA – International Maritime Journal 04 | 2021 41

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