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HANSA 04-2019

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Tech-Hub HANSA TECH-HUB PROPELLERS & GEARBOXES Finnøy invests in future product development Norway- based Finnøy Gear & Propeller have recently invested in a new high- performance CNC lathe machine in order to increase production capability and flexibility when it comes to customization of products. With 15 m turning length and 1.300 mm swing over bed, this machine is one of the longest lathes in Norway. The new Gurutzpe GLX 13.10.15 is designed and built to meet the most demanding machining needs, standing out for their robustness, precision and reliability. Jan Olof Karlsson, foreman of production, said: »In order to expand our capacity and to meet future customer requirements, we wish to invest in optimal manufacturing solutions. This lathe was successfully installed in fall 2018 and is now fully operational – marking a significant step forward in correspondence with the company’s continuous development program in propeller systems and our intention to be a market leader in this field.« © Finnøy BALLAST WATER Optimarin gets O.K. to slash holding time by 24 hours Optimarin Ballast Systems (OBS) have gained approval from the United States Coast Guard (USCG) slashing their required holding time from 72 to just 24 hours for all salinities. The certification ensures the systems are optimized for shortsea shipping routes in the US, as the time between ballast water treatment (BWT) and de-ballasting is cut dramatically. USCG requires a holding time post treatment for environmentally friendly UV systems. This is to ensure all cells are inactive before testing. However, with increased UV doses, such as those provided by OBS’ powerful 35 kW lamps, the holding time can be reduced, thus enabling greater vessel flexibility. »This is another endorsement of OBS by the USCG, which will itself be utilizing our techno logy in its new Offshore Patrol Cutter programme,« comments Optimarin CEO Tore Andersen. Systems with three day holding times are required to wait for that duration before discharging treated water at port. The efficacy of the 50-3,000 m3/h OBS, ensures short turnarounds. • Drahtseile • Tauwerk • Festmacher • CASAR Bordkranseile • Anschlagmittel • Prüflasttest bis 1.000 t • Segelmacherei • Taklerei • Montage Sein Einsatz ist unbezahlbar. Deshalb braucht er Ihre Spende. Walter Hering KG Porgesring 25 22113 Hamburg Telefon: 040 – 73 61 72 -0 eMail: 66 HANSA International Maritime Journal 04 | 2019 Die Seenotretter_DGzRS_90x75_Version1_4c.indd 1 24.07.14 14:24

Tech-Hub DANIAMANT New Inclinometer for tugboats The Danish marine safety equipment manufacturer Daniamant has launched its tugboat version of their Electronic Inclinometer named DanEI-300T. The new DanEI-300T is in principle identical to the standard version DanEI-300, which consists of a sensor unit and a display. The sensor includes an advanced gyro MEMS component, an advanced accelerometer MEMS component as well as a microcontroller. »And through complex algorithms, the so-called »6 degrees of freedom” (6 D-o-F) are all accurately calculated«, Daniamant stated. These data are sent from the sensor to the display unit, from which they can be retrieved either via serial or Ethernet (marine) interface and in standard NMEA format. The system is self-calibrating and the sensor does not require a special location, as position to the tugboat`s centerline is calculated automatically. © Daniamant RH MARINE Integration for navigation In order to give naval vessels more opportunities to fix their position, the Dutch company RH Marine has integrated an optical bearing device (OBD) in WECDIS, the digital chart system for military purposes. The optical bearings of objects, such as lighthouses and other landmarks, are automatically displayed on the digital chart. Also the system can send back data to the OBD, which makes it unique in the industry. »Objects that are important for navigation can also be embedded into the radar grid log, so that the radar can fix the ship’s position based on these fixed points«, RH Marine stated. »Both features make naval vessels less dependent on satellite navigation systems like GPS. Those systems can be distorted and are sometimes less accurate«, it was said. In addition and in order to improve the accuracy of position fixes, RH Marine has developed R95 Ellipse. This algorithm is said to calculate the most likely position of the ship with 95% accuracy, based on radar, GPS or OBD bearings. That position is displayed on the map in the form of an ellipse. »This ensures that the various departments or even ships know that they »are all talking about the same target,« said portfolio manager Marcel Vermeulen. RH Marine also extended its Voyage Planning Station (VPS), a 55 inch touchscreen that replaced the former paper chart, with new features. In addition to pointing, planning and calculating voyages and routes, photos and videos can now be added. These can be viewed with one click on an icon on the digital sea chart. Das konstruktive Klebeband für den Schiffbau Im Schiffbau müssen häufig verschiedene Werkstoffe, wie z.B. Glas und Metall in unterschiedlichen Formen miteinander verbunden werden. Zudem kommen designtechnische Aspekte und Gewichtseinsparungen zum Tragen. Das doppelseitige Acrylatschaum-Klebeband „Iguna“ bietet einige Vorteile gegenüber mechanischen Fügemethoden. IGUNA in verschiedenen Formen als Klebestanzteil IGUNA Acrylatschaum Klebeband IGUNA-Formstanzteil mit Anfasslasche Das leistungsfähigste Klebeband und seine Eigenschaften ■ Dauerhafte und extrem starke Klebkraft (alterungsbeständig) ■ Witterungsunabhängig, kälte- und hitzebeständig ■ Keine Korrosion an den Verbindungstellen ■ Abdichtend gegen Flüssigkeiten & Gase ■ Ausgleich von Fügeteildynamiken ■ Wasserfest und UV-beständig ■ Resistent gegen Chemikalien ■ Isolierende Eigenschaften ■ Schwingungsdämpfend Krückemeyer GmbH Dortmunder Straße 4 57234 Wilnsdorf Telefon: 02739/801-0 HANSA International Maritime Journal 04 | 2019 67

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