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Schiffstechnik | Ship

Schiffstechnik | Ship Technology Opening up airtime Marlink has been busy in 2017 with mergers and acquisitions that are set to make them a main contender in the maritime communications market for the future, writes Samantha Fisk One of the modern aspects that are becoming a »norm« for the shipping industry is the use of internet onboard vessels. With new technologies being developed that are reliant on the internet for transfer of data from ship-to-shore and the use of internet by crew personnel onboard, the market for communications is opening up with new demands on the horizon. Catering for the demand of internet access, whilst still facing financial pressure from the downturn in other markets has opened up companies to consolidation. Erik Ceuppens, CEO of Marlink, explains about the fragmented market that: »Yes the market is fragmented, but in maritime this has always been the case. In future we will see more consolidation.« 2017 was a »very strong year« for Marlink, with six companies being brought onboard the flagship communications company, doubling its turnover over the last two years. Marlink says that with these recent acquisitions it will help them grow and develop its product portfolio for future market demands. Ceuppens explains that: »Our strategy is not just to expand the reach of our customer base, but it is to position Marlink as the leading player in the different maritime areas.« Ceuppens also explains that with the recent M&A developments the company is looking to strengthen the group with further acquisitions in the future. However, he adds that the acquisitions over the past year and in the future will be »select decisions«, looking at companies that will add to the portfolio. The six acquisitions in 2017 saw company names such as Telemar, Radio Holland and TNL brought in to Marlink. Telemar will be operating under the Marlink name in 2018, but will still sell bridge and systems under the Telemar name as well. Radio Holland will enhance Marlink’s airtime activity by taking over the Radio Holland VSAT MIS customer base. Radio Holland will still trade under its name as well as through the Marlink brand. Marlink is working on a joint venture with Erik Ceuppens, CEO of Marlink TNL, which aims at addressing the needs of the local market in Greece and Cyprus. Cyber solutions and new markets The acquisition of Palantir will bring Marlink the specialism in digitalisation and will allow the company to broaden its portfolio of digital solutions for the market. »Palantir has been set up as a product house,« explains Ceuppens. Marlink has also said that with Palantir it will also be looking to develop better cyber solutions for the market. December saw two acquisitions that of OmniAccess, which looks to have the deal completed by March, and Livewire that has been acquired to build upon the company’s mega yacht portfolio. Marlink says that a new market segment is starting to open up for communications in the mega yacht market, which is going to be one of its main focus points. Due, also, to further development of satellite technology with more LEO (Low Earth Orbit) systems being constructed that will also open up airtime for many customers. As part of its further growth Marlink is going to be a launch partner with the Iridium Certus programme. President Tore Morten Olsen says that: »We believe that modern routes are going to be important. We believe that a system that has multiple satellites covering the same geographical area is important and it brings diversity to the geostationary VSAT system.« With further demand for digital compatibility coming in to the maritime industry from the leisure market and also business sectors, Marlink believes that with the foreseen availability of bandwidth coming in the future there are further opportunities for the company to develop in these areas. M Fotos: Marlink 72 HANSA International Maritime Journal – 155. Jahrgang – 2018 – Nr. 4

Schiffstechnik | Ship Technology HANSEATICSOFT New web-based Cloud Maintenance solution Germany-based provider of maritime software, Hanseaticsoft, has expanded its portfolio of software solutions with the launch of its planned maintenance system »Cloud Maintenance«, which is designed to help shipping companies to better manage their maintenance tasks, cash flow planning and increase their efficiencies. The web-based solution allows to plan and prioritise all maintenance jobs and manage them centrally, with the most relevant data displayed on a dashboard making it accessible for everyone allowing the crews to collaborate with the office staff. No installation in the office and additional training is needed, Hanseaticsoft said. »Cloud Maintenance« also includes a cash flow planning option which provides precise statements about how jobs are distributed, how much resources will be required for each job and at what cost. »Planning and distributing jobs is also made easier by defining jobs that must be carried out for specific equipment or by creating generic jobs, which will be automatically assigned to the entire fleet«, the company adds. Managing Director Alexander Buchmann says, »Planned maintenance systems can be confusing and impractical to use. Cloud Maintenance aims to change this with an easy to use webbased system that enables companies to manage and keep on top of planned maintenance jobs, approval processes, have more accurate cash flow planning and better categorising and distribution of jobs.« He adds that companies can now plan maintenance work centrally, precisely and according to requirements. »The system divides jobs into critical and non-critical to help companies identify which jobs are class-relevant and of high priority. To avoid peaks, Cloud Maintenance also offers dynamic planning, so that jobs can be rescheduled at short notice, ensuring jobs are distributed evenly, which leads to greater efficiency.« Hanseaticsoft was founded in 2009 by Buchmann. Today, the company has more than 40 employees and since March 2017, the classification society Lloyd’s Register holds a share in Hanseaticsoft M Source: Hanseaticsoft HANSA International Maritime Journal – 155. Jahrgang – 2018 – Nr. 4 73

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