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HANSA 04-2018

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Schiffstechnik | Ship Technology of Rio de Janeiro. Holm (RISE Viktoria) adds an interesting element for anybody working with AIS data. His approach speeds up decoding large AIS encoded data sets into clear text by a factor 20- 30 compared to alternative decoding. Good news for performance monitoring and other applications! Virtual Reality makes maritime training a different game Get your propeller design via your smartphone – Appification rules It is time to buy yourself some VR goggles, if we are to believe the experts at COMPIT Source: DNV GL Source: Friendship Systems Source: SENER Autonomous under your nose There is no escape from the discussion about unmanned shipping – also not at COMPIT. However, while transatlantic 20.000 TEU containerships without crews still are utopia, Artificial Intelligence enters in many forms our daily life, also in marine operations. Think small, think components – and you will see it. Situational awareness and collision avoidance is such a component where autonomous technology progresses rapidly from concept to implementation. The developments are in many ways akin to close-range parking aids in cars: While the driverless car makes the news, systems for enhanced situational awareness and support for parking are so ubiquitous in modern cars that we hardly notice them at all anymore. Le Gallic et al. (Aland University) test autonomous collision avoidance on a 4 m autonomous surface vessel. Using such ASVs for prototype testing of algorithms is typical, as test platforms are cheap and legally much easier to operate than real ships. Alternatively, you may test in nautical simulators, such as Schubert et al. (University of Applied Sciences Wismar) or Tank et al. (University of Oldenburg). While many smaller autonomous systems become already reality, some nations set sight on the horizon where we see unmanned ships arise. Norway is one of them, but Finland is in hot pursuit. One Sea, a consortium of industry partners, is paving the path to autonomous maritime operations, as described by Merenluoto (Dimecc). Matsuo (NMRI) seems to be determined that Japan would be at least among the medal ranks. The Japanese roadmap to shipping 2050 foresees unmanned shipping side-by-side with manned ships – where crew training is replaced by direct knowledge download from the cloud to the brain. Until we have such direct downloads as a convenient highway to insight and knowledge – a Nuremberg funnel of the digital ages – the next-best thing is attending COMPIT with an open mind for new technologies and contacts. M 68 HANSA International Maritime Journal – 155. Jahrgang – 2018 – Nr. 4

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