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HANSA 04-2017

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MPP-Marktbericht: Flotten & Carrier | Afrika | Leasing | MOL Comfort | Bunker-Hub Singapur | Offshore-Marktkompass | Scrubber-Finanzierung | Scrapping in Europa | Propeller & Pods

Märkte | Markets ORDERS

Märkte | Markets ORDERS and SALES New Orders Container Quantity/Name TEU Delivery Shipyard Ordering Party 3 x 1,75 2018 /20 Cosco Guangdong Lomar Shipping 2 x 1,4 2019 Guangzhou Wenchong Containerships Oy As in previous months new building order activity remained at a low to non-existent level. The only transactions that became apparent arose from declared options. Helsinki-based Containerships OY will receive two additional dual fuel vessels. The 1,400 TEU ships are scheduled to be delivered by Guangzhou Wenchong in 2019. Lomar is said to have made use of its option on the construction of three 1,750 TEU vessels at COSCO Guangdong. One vessel is planned to be launched at the end of 2018, while the remainder will be finalized in 2020. However, both transactions had already been initiated last year. Thus, no fresh business has become evident at the new building market for container vessels whatsoever. Secondhand Sales Container Name TEU Built Yard Gear Purchaser Price ($) Comment Spirit Of Bangkok 1,620 1999 Hanjin geared Sm Line 3,200,000 Hansa Centurion 1,645 1998 Hanjin geared Sm Line 3,200,000 Santa Panagia 1,800 2017 CBC gearless Japan 2,200,000 Cap Beatrice 2,556 2004 Hyundai geared Tufton Oceanic 7,300,000 Anl Barwon 3,534 2010 Shanghai Shipy. gearless undisclosed 6,800,000 Praia 3,534 2009 Shanghai Shipy. gearless undisclosed 6,800,000 Partici 3,534 2010 Shanghai Shipy. gearless undisclosed 6,800,000 HS Berlioz 3,768 2007 STX gearless undisclosed 5,500,000 special survey due E.R. India 5,762 2002 Samsung gearless Switzerland 10,000,000 Hanjin Shenzhen 6,655 2008 Hyundai gearless Sm Line 12,000,000 Hanjin Chongqing 6,655 2008 Hyundai gearless Sm Line 12,000,000 Conti Le Havre 7,471 2005 Hyundai gearless Cma Cgm Holding & Co Sas 14,000,000 en bloc, still on subs Conti Venice 7,471 2005 Hyundai gearless Cma Cgm Holding & Co Sas 14,500,000 Conti Savannah 7,471 2005 Hyundai gearless Sinokor 14,000,000 Liveliness at the secondhand market for container vessels was high and accelerated in March. In total we registered 32 transactions from week eight to eleven. The amount of serious interest in container tonnage has risen. Demand is fed by an unfurling perception of a market bottom which soon could be left behind. And indeed for certain vessel types and sizes - as e.g. sub-panamax ships between 2,000 and 3,000 TEU - prices are on the rise. Demolition Sales Container Name TEU Built LDT Scrap Location $ / LDT Comment Thorstream 1,730 1998 7,743 India 345 Meratus Java 2,105 1997 9,702 Bangladesh 352 as is Davao, incl. ROB Santa Fiorenza 2,169 1998 9,005 Bangladesh – MSC Didem 3,032 1987 5,511 India 350 Al Encore 4,578 2003 22,444 undisclosed 351 as is Davao, incl. ROB ANL Waratah 5,047 2005 20,601 undisclosed 340 as is S´pore, incl. heavy propeller Hanjin Rome 5,308 1998 23,794 Bangladesh – Brilliant 1992 4,503 India 376 While scrapping activity had been high in February, in March it decreased sharply. At first sight this seems to be astonishing because demolition prices have increased to approximately 350 $ per light displacement ton for delivery at Alang. This should actually raise owners´ incentive to sell vessels for recycling. However, the current charter market upheaval tempts owners to refrain from sending their ships on their ultimate voyage just at the break of a potential dawn. The positive scrap price development is mainly driven by the world market price for iron ore which has reached a level last seen in the third quarter of 2014. Andreas Mietzner As of March 2017 / No claim for being complete 12 HANSA International Maritime Journal – 154. Jahrgang – 2017 – Nr. 4

Märkte | Markets 29 & 30 | 05 | 2017 RAI Amsterdam International exhibition and conference on coastal-, waterway- and port development World Water Works combines innovative techniques, EasyFairs Netherlands BV World Water Works 1/1 world’s greatest projects & renowed speakers: Gegengeschäft (hier oder U2/4) The Netherlands - New sea lock IJmuiden Jaap Zeilmaker - Project Director Rijkswaterstaat Jaap Blokland - Project Director OpenIJ Italy - The Mose Project Pieter van Westendorp - Director Operations at Strukton Germany/Denmark - Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link Tunnel Martijn Smitt - director BAM Infra bv Hong Kong - Zhuhai Macao Bridge Hans de Wit - Managing Director Tunnel Engineering Consultants (TEC) Texas - Houston Galveston Bay Region Samuel Brody - Professor of Texas A&M university Galveston Norway - A Ferry Free E39 Børre Stensveld - Bridge Director at Statens Vegvesen Vietnam - Mekong Delta Mr. Tran Quang Hoai - deputy Director of the General Department of Irrigation under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Our conference program will be frequently updated on our website. REGISTER NOW >> Organised by EASYFAIRS WORLD WATER WORKS @W_WATERWORKS WWW.LINKEDIN.COM/COMPANY/WORLD-WATER-WORKS-2017 HANSA International Maritime Journal – 154. Jahrgang – 2017 – Nr. 4 13

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