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HANSA 03-2020

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Schiffstechnik Ballast

Schiffstechnik Ballast 2020 | Ship Technology Manufacturer Product name Approval status (type appr.) Ex. Appr. AMS (USCG) USCG Approval status (full type approval) Technology / Process steps Solid-liquid separation Disinfection chemical physical Options Coldharbour Marine Limited Coldharbour Marine GLD BWTS* LR / UK MCA approval Feb / 2015 Class NK pending yes Jun 15 none, no filters treatment by inert gas COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Company De Nora Desmi Ocean Guard Blue Ocean Shield (BOS) BalPure RayClean CompactClean 2011 yes 2011 yes 2014 yes yes yes yes Nov 13 yes revised Dec 14 yes N/A yes Sep 2019 yes Dec 2018 yes Apr 2019 filtration+UV no UV filtration+electrolysis filtration+UV EC / EA (only 1 % vol) NE no UV (LP) UV (MP) Ecochlor Inc. Ecochlor BWTS 2011 yes N/A yes Oct 13 yes Aug 2017 filtration+ chemical injection ClO2 N/A N/A Ecospec Marine Technology Semb-Eco UV / LED-UV no Elite Marine Ballast Water Treatment System Corp Envirocleanse Envirotech and Consultancy Pte Ltd. Erma First ESK Engineering Solutions Seascape Envirocleanse BlueWorld Erma First 2018 yes 2011 yes 2012 yes yes no yes Oct 14 no yes Oct 13, rev. Mar 15 yes Feb 2019 yes Oct 2017 filtration (Screen 40 μm) electrolysis + chemical injection electrode is used filtration+electrolysis NaOCl UV (Ultrasound) NaOCl: bulk dosing and / or onboard, electrochlorination generator. Evac see Cathelco Evoqua Water Technologies SeaCURE BWMS 2014 yes yes yes Jul 14, rev. Oct 14 pending filtration (screen) EC (only 1 % vol) NE Cooling Water Treatment (Anti-Fouling) Filtration Group GmbH Ocean Protection System (OPS) 2011 yes yes yes Feb 14 2 x filtration (propriet.) no UV (LP) Hamworthy Greenship see Wärtsilä Hanla IMS Headway Technology Co. Ltd. EcoGuardian OceanGuard 2013 yes 2012 yes yes yes yes Sep 13 yes Nov 2019 yes Nov 2018 filtration+ electrolysis filtration+electrolysis EA / AO no Hitachi ClearBallast 2010 yes filtration, flocculation Hwaseung HS Ballast no electrolysis Hyde Marine, Inc. Guardian-US 2009 yes yes yes Jun 13, rev. Aug 14 pending filtration (disc) (screen) no UV (MP) 36 3 HANSA HaNsa – International Maritime Journal 03 03 | | 2020

Schiffstechnik | Ship Technology Ballast 2020 Capacity on module / skid* (m3/ h) Investment € per m3/h Power requ. on average (kWh / 1000 m3) (SW = sea water, FW = fresh water) Chemical / Neutralizer used Weight (kg per m3/ h) Retention time (hrs) Effluent analysis Pressure drop (bar) Lifecycle main component Website flow rates not relevant with intank treatment treatment capacity is unlimited none required. G8 system under IMO guidelines treatment can take place at any time none coldharbourmarine.com 100–3,200 wecosco.com 400–8,570 0,05kW N/A none yes 0,5 N/A balpure.com 30–3,000 35–3,000 500–16,200 N/A 45 105–133 typically 5–15 kW per 1,000m3 max. 75 kW no chlorine dioxide as the biocide. No neutralization required approx. 4.5 kg >1.7 kg no retention time none CIO2 ensure MADC 0.2 mg / l N/A max. 0.6 UV lamps: 12,000 hrs desmioceanguard.com none 0.4 N/A ecochlor.com ecospec.com 150–5,000 10–20 kW per 100 m3 0.4–0.6 bwts.cn

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