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HANSA 02-2022

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Shortsea | Nordrange-Häfen | Ballastwasser | Ladungssicherheit | Interview Gaby Bornheim/VDR | Umfrage »Maritime Snapshot« | Interview Uwe Lauber/MAN | MV Werften | OVB | Piraterie-Bilanz


SCHIFFSTECHNIK | SHIP TECHNOLOGY Erma First promotes the OneTank system as a one-size-fits-all ballast water treatment solution © Selzer small ballast tanks on big ships as well as a stand-alone solution for small vessels such as yachts, tugs and offshore support vessels. OneTank treats ballast water within the vessel’s ballast tank and has no filters, ultra-violet lamps or electrolytic chlorine generators. Its footprint is only 600 mm x 600 mm, its power consumption is »similar to that of a household washing machine,« Drimalas says. With low running costs and fully regulatory compliance, OneTank is said to provide a ballast water management solution which works in all water qualities and salinities. The system uses an 8.25 % or 12.5 % sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and 30 % sodium thiosulfate solution – readily available chemicals that can be purchased from suppliers worldwide. For smaller vessels, a 20-litre container of 12.5 % bleach will treat approximately 288 m 3 of ballast water. For larger vessels, OneTank can treat tanks up to 4,000 m 3 . Moreover, Erma First has teamed up with MAN Energy Solutions Benelux. Via MAN PrimeServ Omnicare, the company will be providing after-sales technical support to vessels equipped with Erma First ballast water treatment systems calling at ports and repair yards in Northern Europe. The onboard equipment services include troubleshooting, installation, maintenance, calibration and testing related issues. More than 80% of vessels serviced under the agreement have MAN engines or turbochargers installed already, but Dimitris Kalogeropoulos, Head of Sales at MAN Energy Solutions Benelux, explains that he also aims to create spin-off business for MAN. »We are promoting partnerships with third party companies that are leaders in their areas, the customers and vessels are the same,« he says. Capacity bottleneck worsening BWMS maker Optimarin warns shipowners of delaying yard stays for ballast water management system retrofits as the clock ticks on installation time. As freight rates are sky-high in some market segments, many are tempted to keep their vessels trading rather than undergoing maintenance. »There is definitely a commercial rationale for carrying out retrofits in the near term rather than waiting due to the huge backlog of vessels that need to be retrofitted over the next few years to gain IMO compliance, which will be a licence to trade in the future,« says Optimarin’s chief executive Leiv Kallestad. The Norwegian company is benefiting from a current wave of demand for BWT systems but Kallestad says the peak period for installation is moving out in time towards 2023 as owners seek to keep their ships operating as long as possible – and this may worsen a capacity bottleneck that could push up prices for equipment and retrofit work. »No one wants to take their ship out of trading while markets are booming. At the same time, the continued presence of Covid-19, congestion in the supply chain and logistical challenges, crew changes and other operational disruption have resulted in various permit extensions of up to six months or longer,« he explains. While this will extend the retrofit wave as it will allow more time for installation, SI-TECHNIK Well prepared retrofit to reduce high follow-up costs Compact NGT Ballast Water Treatment System © SI-Technik When deciding on a ballast water system, the installation situation plays a decisive role. Steinbach Ingenieurtechnik (SI-Technik), as exclusive sales and service representative of Norwegian BWMS manufacturer Greentech (BGT), promotes a wellprepared retrofit in order to avoid high follow-up costs. The company provides technical support for these systems and offers project planning, installation and commissioning expertise. NGT’s BWMS are based on filtration and UV treatment. For NGT’s developer, formerly a chief engineer himself, it was important that the systems were small, robust and easy to operate. The manufacturer states, the systems have a small footprint and an easy-to-use wiper system for cleaning the UV lamps and UV sensors, eliminating the need for CIP dosing units or citric acid. The limited space available on board is a challenge. In addition to installation, thought should be given to maintenance early in the process. »Since NGT BWMS are compact, the decisive basic requirement for a retrofit has already been met,« SI-Technik says. If there is not enough space for a system on frames, the company supplies flexible designs. In the »Skid« version, the two compact control cabinets with the plant and UV controls are mounted on the frame. In the »Semi-Skid« version, both control cabinets are supplied separately, which reduces the frame footprint. If »Semi-Skid Loose« is 46 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 02 | 2022

SCHIFFSTECHNIK | SHIP TECHNOLOGY Group Specialist in Ballast Water Treatment Systems Optimarin offers a fast-track delivery model to tackle the bottleneck for installations of BWMS © Optimarin Kallestad points out shipowners are still hopefully taking a calculated risk by deferring installations as the drydocking window tightens. An estimated 35,000 vessels still need to have BWMS installed ahead of the September 2024 deadline for implementation of the IMO’s ballast water management convention. Optimarin has though honed a fast-track delivery model to tackle the supply bottleneck. A BWMS retrofit is a protracted process that requires detailed planning – typically with an engineering lead time of six months before installation – and drydock capacity being secured ahead of time. Optimarin says its still able to deliver a system within 30 days due to a streamlined documentation process and the modular flexibility of its technology. But component shortages and logistical challenges that have hit many industries may make it difficult to give delivery guarantees. The company has scaled down and simplified the components of its BWMS through a rigorous product improvement programme, resulting in a more compact system with a smaller footprint that makes it easier to install on larger vessels, while the company provides lifecycle support through its global aftersales network. The company has also formed an alliance with UK-based Newport Shipping that enables it to offer a turnkey BWM solution with drydock availability at one of Newport’s 15 partner yards worldwide and favourable deferred payment terms. BIO-SEA Standard UV range From 30 to 2000 m 3 /h capacity Cost effective Turn-key package IMO & USCG approved Short leadtime Worldwide service Our system is distributed, integrated and supplied by our partner HAGEDORN in Germany ordered, all components including the base frame come separately, which provides the most freedom during installation. »Main Components only« consists of the components required for class acceptance. This version is described to provide the shipyard with »additional opportunities to add value through in-house services«. Regarding maintenance, the size of the UV lamps should be considered. There are systems on the market with very long UV lamps. To remove them, a correspondingly large amount of service space is required. NGT intends to avoid this disadvantage by using specially designed, compact UV systems. Practitioners are familiar with the situation that piping diagrams no longer correspond 100 % to the real situation on site after years of ship operation. The »creativity« then required for installation can be expensive. SI technology supports inspections and 3-D scanning. During this work, the installation situation on the ship is inspected and documented in a report. The report contains a concrete proposal on the size of the ballast water system, a piping diagram if necessary, design changes to the ballast water system, animated photos of the installation locations and more useful information. HANSA – International Maritime Journal 02 | 2022 Professional and reliable support partner providing engineering services, shiprepair, system integration and spare parts onand offshore Maritime Industry Offshore More info: www.ballast-water-treatment.com www.hagedorn-products.de Request a quotation: biosea@bio-uv.com47 info@hagedorn-products.de

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