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HANSA 02-2021

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Kooperation HANSA & MRP · DNV GL · Hafen Hamburg · Port Hub · MPP-Marktbericht · 3D-Druck in der Schifffahrt · Interview IMO-Chef Lim · Maritime Future Summit · SMM Digital 2021


SMM Tech-Hub MICRODATA DUE Wireless fire detection Microdata Due is specialized in designing fire detection systems for demanding applications such as cruise and naval vessels. According to the company, know how, reliability and support are the key factors that have made it one of the market leaders. Constant research and development activities ensure the continuous improvement of system performance. A recent solution, currently under testing, is a wireless fire detection system for harsh environments such as the lashing bridges of a container ship. Serious cargo-related fires on board of container ships have occurred at the rate of about nearly one/month. The increased size of container ships has a real impact on the potential severity of such incidents that often end with the loss of the ship and the entire cargo. The first tests on board have shown that a significant increase in automatic fire detection is possible even in rough environments on deck, Microdata informs. TSI Flexibility is the key Since 1989, TSI Turbo Service International stands for turbocharger engineering, overhauling and as a provider of spare parts. The company has opened a new workshop in Genoa, Italy, in June 2020. The company also has workshops in Rotterdam, Italy, Malta, Houston, Southampton and partners in Dubai, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Turkey. All of the spare parts are 100% quality inspected upon entrance, and are recorded in the system to ensure full traceability at all times. TSI is an independent company, ensuring the flexibility to offer services for all models of marine and power turbochargers. All work is covered by a 12-month warranty. »During these difficult times it is important for our customers to look at alternative supplier routes«, the company stresses. »You will be looking for suppliers that are either recommended, economical, and reliable whilst not compromising on quality and service that you have received from the OEM supplier. TSI are committed to supporting you. We are increasing our stock of parts and have negotiated better terms with our fully quality audited suppliers to ensure that we can offer even better cost savings to you,« says TSI. Its sales and technical team are fully operational to support the customers and interested parties through online Zoom meetings or emails to answer any of their questions. Alignment and Repair Services All from One Source – World Wide 68 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 02 | 2021

SMM Tech-Hub CLYDE & CO Shipyards seek insurance cover against »force majeure« Clyde & Co is one of the world’s leading maritime and insurance law firms. The company is present in over 50 cities on six continents, and – since 2019 – also in Hamburg. Daniel Jones and his English team are part of Clyde & Co’s Hamburg team. »Parties to shipbuilding contracts (SBC) have, like commercial parties in most industries, faced particular issues due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Some shipyards have said they have faced a delayed supply of, or the inability to obtain, materials, whilst others have faced disruption to their workforce. Delivery of vessels have in some cases been made more complicated, delayed and costly, because of Covid-19 related travel and quarantine restrictions,« says Jones. Several shipyards issued force majeure (FM) declarations following the spread of Covid-19 to seek extensions to the delivery date under their SBC. According to Jones, in most SBC, FM is treated as a permissible delay entitling a shipyard to an extension of the delivery date. However, whether a shipyard is entitled to rely on an event as FM in order to obtain an extension will depend on the wording of the contract in question. »Epidemics« are often specifically mentioned in shipbuilding FM clauses. These clauses will generally also require causation, in other words that delay to the construction of the vessel is caused by the FM event. Finally, in order to rely on an event as FM, shipyards need to comply with notice requirements in the SBC, says Jones. Disputes may arise where a shipyard has served FM Notice(s) claiming that Covid-19 is an FM event which entitles to postpone delivery. The consequence of a shipyard missing the contractual delivery date by a stipulated period is that the buyer may cancel the contract and claim a refund of the pre-delivery instalments under the Refund Guarantee. In dealing with legal disputes, arbitrators may need to consider whether the shipyard was entitled to postpone delivery for delays caused by Covid-19. Ihr Spezialist für Schiffbauverträge Clyde & Co Europe LLP Esplanade 40, 20354 Hamburg T +49 40 8090 30200 | F +49 40 8090 30299 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 02 | 2021 69

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