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HANSA 02-2021

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Kooperation HANSA & MRP · DNV GL · Hafen Hamburg · Port Hub · MPP-Marktbericht · 3D-Druck in der Schifffahrt · Interview IMO-Chef Lim · Maritime Future Summit · SMM Digital 2021

SMM Tech-Hub

SMM Tech-Hub HANSA SMM HUB ANTTI MARINE Invisible ethernet cable system Antti Marine, a manufacturer of marine doors, has invented a new solution for online door cabling. The innovation is an ethernet-equipped hinge, dubbed »Antti e-hinge.« E-hinge is part of the same system of service-free and adjustable hinges introduced by Antti in 2011 – but offers a different choice for online cabling. According to the company, reasons to switch include ease of installation, safety, and its low profile compared to previous options. Markko Takkinen, Commercial Director at Antti-Teollisuus, describes e-hinge as the optimal ethernet cable solution: For ship owners and builders, e-hinge is the safest and easiest way to get all the features of their existing online system, without the lead cover. It’s a completely hasslefree and invisible system and doesn’t carry the same risk of damage as the exposed systems they have now,« he says. E-hinge is identical to a standard door hinge but comes equipped with online access and data transfer. According to the company, e-hinge simply takes the place of one or more hinges on a standard door , »it’s completely invisible and a cinch to install.« Antti first introduced an online door cabling system in 2013, aboard the cruise vessel »AIDAstella« – but there were tradeoffs. Structural modifications to the door were necessary, and what’s left was an obvious, surface-mounted lead panel on the door leaf and a cable – or cables – stretching plainly from door to frame. According to Takkinen, the seed for what would become Antti e-hinge was planted by a customer in March 2017. »A major ship operating company requested we replace the existing lead cover with something less visible and better looking. The idea started to grow immediately.« Antti chose a Swiss hinge manufacturer as their partner on the project. In close collaboration, e-hinge took its form and met validations for mechanical durability, electrical connectivity and data transfer capability. The final decision to invest in the product was made in early 2019, and Antti moved forward decisively with the final stage of development. The result was a connected hinge as simple to install as a regular one. »It worked just perfectly. For builders and maintenance it’s a return to the old days of offline systems, because the procedure with e-hinge is no different. Doors can be built, installed, or removed with no extra considerations – e-hinge is a service-free system, and even the height of the hinge can be adjusted,« Takkinen says. Although the standard use-case is to have one Antti e-hinge per door, additional e-hinges can be added for future applications. Komplettf ilter Filterelemente Ersatzteile Zubehör Zentrifugen Reinigungsmittel Reparatur Installation Die Spezialisten für Filtertechnologie in Schifffahrt und Industrie Quality Made in gerMany Mehr als 35 Jahre Erfahrung in Filtertechnologie Fil-Tec Rixen GmbH® Osterrade 26 • D-21031 Hamburg Phone: +49 (0)40 656 856-0 Wir liefern Filterelemente und ersatzteile für einfach-, Doppel- und Automatik filter für Schmieröle, Brennstoffe, Hydraulik öle, Wasser und Luft aller namhaften Hersteller sowie ersatz für Filtrex, Moatti, Nantong und Kanagawa Kiki. Sonderanfertigungen, verbesserte Spezial lösungen, kundenspezifische Einzelstücke nach Muster/Zeichnung gehören ebenfalls zu unserem Bereich. Als Vertragspartner liefern wir Austausch- und Originalfilterelemente von Fleetguard, Rexroth Bosch, Hengst, Triple R, Mann+Hummel, Mann Filter, Filtration Group. 62 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 02 | 2021

SMM Tech-Hub DESMI OCEAN GUARD Type approval for bulker BMWS configuration Desmi Ocean Guard has announced the type approval of a new configuration of its CompactClean Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) by both the US Coast Guard and the Danish Maritime Authority. This configuration is named CompactClean Bulker and must be seen as an additional product line to the existing CompactClean product lines. It is designed for higher flowrates during de-ballast solving one of the main operational issues faced by bulk carriers complying with ballast water regulations. So far, typical ballast water management systems have been approved with just one maximum flowrate, which is the same during ballast and de-ballast operations, but now Desmi Ocean Guard introduces a tailor-made solution. Some vessel types, in particular bulk carriers, often experience a need to be able to discharge ballast water faster than the time they spend on ballast water uptake. This is related to the speed of cargo loading, which is for some cargo types and ports much faster than the speed with which they can unload cargo. The ballast water uptake and discharge speeds need to match this in order to not become obstacles to the operation of the vessel. According to the company, in all its simplicity, the type approved solution enables the CompactClean system to be configured with any combination of its approved filters and UV units, and as the filter is by-passed during de-ballasting, the need for a higher de-ballast flowrate can be accommodated by selecting a UV unit larger than the filter. Klausdorfer Weg 163, 24 148 Kiel - Germany Tel.: +49 (0) 431 66 111-0, Fax: +49 (0) 431 66 111-28 E-mail:, Internet: BRAND MARINE CONSULTANTS New app for marine claims Covid-19 doesn’t slow the brand Marine Consultants (bMC) Group. According to the company, the whole team have been kept very busy and were instrumental on several interesting and complex projects in recent months. bMC have been honoured to be engaged on challenging projects across the globe throughout 2020. From Galapagos to the Philippines it seems that the bMC staff have been there and done it all. A large part of what the company does relies on international travel, that has been made particularly difficult in recent months, but bMC always found a way to serve clients and to keep the team safe. Somehow in the past year, bMC staff have also stepped up and dedicated time to develop a brand new, tailor made web application – SalvageApp. The application was conceived to give clients a real improvement in the information flow during a marine claims incident. SalvageApp takes advantage of the decades of marine claims experience across the bMC Group from claims handling to technical expertise. The development team have worked hard to ensure that SalvageApp delivers exactly that, th company stated. This impressive tool is a real credit to the bMC team and the talented developers. Klausdorfer Weg 163 | 24148 Kiel | Germany Tel. +49 (0) 431 6 6111-0 | Fax -28 | HANSA – International Maritime Journal 02 | 2021 63

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