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HANSA 02-2021

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Kooperation HANSA & MRP · DNV GL · Hafen Hamburg · Port Hub · MPP-Marktbericht · 3D-Druck in der Schifffahrt · Interview IMO-Chef Lim · Maritime Future Summit · SMM Digital 2021

Smart & Digital Maritime

Smart & Digital Maritime Future Summit to explore AI Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game changer that goes far beyond Big Data and autonomous ships. Now it’s up to companies to use it to create competitive advantages. At the Maritime Future Summit, the latest trends will be discussed The ongoing process of digitization of shipping can no longer be stopped. Many companies are specializing in smart technologies. This year’s SMM also focuses on this topic. »Driving the maritime transition« is the leitmotif of this year’s edition of the leading trade fair for the maritime industry, which takes place every two years in Hamburg. Due to the Corona pandemic, the trade show will be held in digital format from February 2 to 5. Not least the conferences with high Pierre Sames, DNV GL - Maritime © DNV GL ranking industry experts will to supply crucial impulses for the technological change to the industry. The Maritime Future Summit (MFS), organized by the trade fair together with HANSA, traditionally kicks off SMM’s conference programme and artificial intelligence will be one of the defining topics of this event too. Under the leadership of Volker Bertram of World Maritime University (WMU), industry experts will discuss how self-learning systems will influence ship operation, ship design and shipbuilding in the future. On the topic of »Utilizing leading-edge technology to build new solutions,« Pierre Sames, a proven innovation expert, will speak. The Group Technology and Research Director of classification society DNV GL - Maritime had already predicted at the MFS 2018 under the title »Technical Assurance 2030« how Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence will be widely used, not only with better support, but also with »completely new services« as a result. Sames had also touched on a thorny issue in 2018: Who will pay for the Digital Twin if different Oskar Levander, Kongsberg © © Kongsberg players own different pieces of the puzzle that they don’t want to share? To this end, DNV GL had launched an open simulation platform with partners to build a secure common ecosystem, share relevant data, and advance the Digital Twin. We can probably look forward to exciting updates on this programme this year. Oskar Levander, Senior Vice President Business Concepts at Kongsberg Maritime, will speak on the subject of »Intelligent Shipping Solutions«. The notorious autonomous shipping guru, well-known 26 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 02 | 2021

Log Smart & Digital © HANSA from his former role at Rolls-Royce, will bring some inspiring views to the table. Sean Fernback, President of Wärtsilä Voyage and Executive Vice President of the Finnish technology group Wärtsilä, will also talk about the role artificial intelligence can play in real ship operations in »From unconnected ships to smart transport platforms – the role of AI in future(istic) ship operations«. Jilin Ma, senior engineer of electrical and electronic engineering, at MFS sponsor China Classification Society (CCS) will address the topic »With the coming of the Maritime Revolution, is unmanned-bridge available?« Back in 2018, his CCS colleague Wu Sun predicted there would certainly be no future without autonomous ships. None of this, however, without the appropriate legal framework. First, legislation and liability in the field of autonomous shipping must be clarified. »Who is liable in the event of an autonomous ship accident – the manufacturer of the systems the owner, the operator? And don’t forget that cyber risks also need new insurance products,« Wu said in 2018. From the technical side, Tom H. Evensen, regional category manager, Hull Performance, at coating specialist Jotun, will look at things in »Call it AI, we call it fuel saving.« Sean Fernback, Wärtsilä © Wärtsilä And, as in previous years, shipbuilding itself will also be a topic at the Maritime Future Summit. How does digitali- Anstriche- und Beschichtungsstoffe Ihr Experte für die Binnenschifffahrt in Deutschland und Europa: Anstriche- Marc Cordes, und Tel.: Beschichtungsstoffe 040 / 72003-126, E-Mail: Ihr Ansprechpartner in Hamburg für die Schifffahrt Carsten Most Tel. 040/72003-120 | E-Mail: Anstriche- und Beschichtungsstoffe Ihr Experte für die Binnenschifffahrt in Deutschland und Europa: Marc Cordes, Tel.: 040 / 72003-126, E-Mail: Logo margin right Logo margin bottom HANSA – International Maritime Journal 02 | 2021 27 Logo margin bottom

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