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HANSA 02-2021

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Kooperation HANSA & MRP · DNV GL · Hafen Hamburg · Port Hub · MPP-Marktbericht · 3D-Druck in der Schifffahrt · Interview IMO-Chef Lim · Maritime Future Summit · SMM Digital 2021

Finanzierung | Financing

Finanzierung | Financing Ship financing goes digital Whilst the current market volume is still very low, both shipowners and lenders see great potential for digital finance market places in shipping. This is the result of the first »Maritime Snapshot« presented by the Hamburg-based survey company MRP Some weeks ago, MRP surveyed around 30 small and medium-sized European shipping companies and more than 30 international maritime financial institutions. The participants, all of whom were company executives, were approached personally, but the answers were anonymised. »However, the use of online platforms for financing new ships, refinancing or retrofits is still very low,« says MRP managing partner Ingmar Loges: »Only about 12 % of shipowners and lenders each stated that they currently use digital financing instruments.« The direct approach has clear priorty with 100 % of shipowners and 96.8 % of lenders. In the future, however, more than half of the respondents, both shipowners and lenders, can imagine using online platforms. 62.5 % of the shipowners and as many as 77.4 % of the lenders assume that significantly more transactions will be processed via such platforms in the future. »Among the reasons that currently speak against the use of digital platforms, both sides agree on the possible loss of personal contacts,« adds MRP managing partner Behrend Oldenburg. There are, however, greater differences in the assessment of other arguments: While exactly half of the shipowners surveyed consider digital business to be too complex, only a third of the lenders see this specific risk. The situation is similar with confidentiality issues, which are viewed much more critically by shipowners (50 %) than by lenders (26.7 %). Likewise, shipowners rate the possible lack of trust (33.3 %) significantly higher than lenders (6.7 %). In terms of possible added value services, both sides see cash flow modelling as very important, giving an arithmetic mean value of around 4 (rating from 1, not at all important, to 6, very important). »We got the impression that lenders, unlike shipowners, see digital finance market places as a tool that can significantly simplify their processes«, Loges concludes. n How do you currently approach new financing transactions, be it a new vessel, the refinancing or retrofits? (multiple answers possible) 2. lf you use intermediaries in sourcing new transactions - do you think there are enough intermediaries in the market place? lf you use intermediaries in sourcing new transactions – do you think there are enough intermediaries in the market place? Shipowners ■ yes ■ no ■ not applicable Lenders ■ yes ■ no ■ not applicable MARITIME RESEARCH PARTNERS lf you use intermediaries in sourcing new transactions – do you think there are enough intermediaries in the market place? lf you use intermediaries in sourcing new transactions – do you think there are enough intermediaries in the market place? © MRP 18 HANSA – International Maritime Journal 02 | 2021

Finanzierung | Financing SURVEYS FOR THE MARITIME INDUSTRY MRP and HANSA bundle their expertise The Hamburg based market research institute Maritime Research Partners (MRP), which specialises in maritime and logistics topics, and HANSA have agreed on an exclusive cooperation. In the future, both partners will jointly conduct and publish surveys (»Maritime Snapshots«) to reflect the current sentiment in the maritime industry on specific topics. »We have extensive and high-profile contacts in the international shipping industry for market research, which we are now putting on an even broader basis with HANSA,« explains Ingmar Loges, co-founder of MRP. For HANSA editor-in-chief Krischan Förster, the cooperation now signed is »an ideal win-win situation to the benefit of our subscribers.« The topics of next »Maritime Snapshots« will be developed jointly by MRP and the HANSA editorial team, transferred to an online questionnaire and sent to the respective target group. The participants always answer anonymously and in compliance with the strictest data protection regulations. In addition, supplementary individual interviews with relevant stakeholders are also planned. »The spectrum of topics includes environmental protection requirements as well as ship financing, digitalisation and the market development of individual ship types or ports in the North Range,« Loges announces. »We expressly call on our readers to bring in own suggestions and comments,« adds Förster. The first »Maritime Snapshot« is on the acceptance of digital financial marketplaces in the maritime industry which can be read on the opposite page. »We have separately surveyed international medium-sized shipowners and lenders and contrasted the highly exciting results,« Loges explains. Loges founded MRP ( in Hamburg in the summer of 2019 together with his business partner Behrend Oldenburg. MRP produces confidential market studies and decision-making analyses for clients from the entire maritime industry. Both of them combine decades of industry experience. Loges is an economist and previously worked in leading positions at various financial institutions in Hamburg, Amsterdam and Singapore. As a graduate industrial engineer for transportation and logistics, Oldenburg has been specialised in the fields of communication and market research for many years. n HANSA – International Maritime Journal 02 | 2021 19

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