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Schiffstechnik | Ship Technology LANKHORST ROPES Strategic partnership and cooperations For the U.S. market, Precision Tension Solutions in Houston and high performance fiber rope manufacturer Lankhorst Ropes, a WireCo WorldGroup company, have announced a strategic partnership, providing a combination of support services with synthetic ropes to shippers on America’s Inland Waterways. Services offered under the agreement include rope training (splicing) and inspections. To ensure vessel operators maximize rope service life and crew safety, PTS and Lankhorst intend to offer assistance with product selection, including customized synthetic rope solutions; once installed, rope performance monitoring enables continuous improvement in rope operations. In addition, Lankhorst has announced an exclusive cooperation agreement with Singapore-based Franklin Offshore International Pte. Ltd. The cooperation is aimed at developing the market for fibre rope slings for heavy lift offshore projects in South East Asia. »As offshore contractors look for ways to maximise their vessel’s crane lift capacity, Lankhorst fibre rope slings can be a more practical and cost-effective alternative to steel wire ropes«, it was said. Lankhorst Ropes’ Lanko®force range of ropes produce slings with a minimum breaking load (MBL) of around 2,000 t in single leg configuration and 3,200 t in a grommet configuration. Lankoforce HL slings are available in two configurations, eye-and-eye (E&E) and endless loop (grommet). n RADIO HOLLAND Global strategic service partnership After a longstanding relationship SRH Marine Group and Radio Holland Group signed a Global Strategic Service Partnership. Under this agreement, Radio Holland will provide Global On Demand Services and technical assistance to SRH customers for Navigation and Communication equipment. John Laderos, CEO of SRH Marine Group said: »This partnership, which is a mutual promise of a fruitful cooperation between our companies, aligns with our core strategy on many fronts. By pursuing the same vision, Radio Holland will provide SRH with access to a global service network, which in turn will improve the services offered to our valuable customers.« Erik van der Noordaa, CEO of Radio Holland Group added: »Radio Holland and SRH Marine Group have worked together in the maritime industry for many years. This cooperation is now enhanced and sealed in a global strategical service partnership. Our common goal is to support SRH’s Greek customers around the world, with efficient and responsive services, 24/7.« SRH offers full services on sales, technical support and training for Navigation, Radio communication, Automation, Spares, Retrofit, Repairs, Safety and other marine equipment. It is supported by a global network of manufacturers and service suppliers. n • Drahtseile • Tauwerk • Festmacher • CASAR Bordkranseile • Anschlagmittel • Prüflasttest bis 1.000 t • Segelmacherei • Taklerei • Montage Walter Hering KG Porgesring 25 22113 Hamburg Telefon: 040 – 73 61 72 -0 eMail: info@seil-hering.de www.seil-hering.de Elektrische Antriebe für Schiffswinden und Offshore, für NT-Betrieb bis -50°C electrical drives for marine winches and offshore, for LT-operation down to -50°C BEN BUCHELE ELEKTROMOTORENWERKE GMBH POPPENREUTHER STR. 49A 90419 NÜRNBERG POSTFACH 91 04 40 90262 NÜRNBERG TEL. +49 911 3748-0 FAX +49 911 3748-138 Internet: www.benbuchele.de E-Mail: info@benbuchele.de 62 HANSA International Maritime Journal – 156. Jahrgang – 2019 – Nr. 2

Equipment & Suppliers Schiffstechnik | Ship Technology SHIPSERV Researching e-procurement The maritime e-procurement platform Shipserv has published a research whitepaper »e-procurement in Maritime; 2021 and Beyondq, which analyses the current and future state of e-procurement within the maritime industry based on insights from leading Chief Purchasing Officers and Managers (CPOs/CPMs). According the company, the research showed that while maritime e-procurement is currently at an embryonic level in terms of its evolution – scoring »two out of ten« – over one third of those surveyed believe the market will change beyond all recognition in the next five years, driven by developments in advanced technology and applications. 50% of CPOs and CPMs surveyed stated that they still use their e-procurement systems for purely transactional – and not strategic – purposes. This is based on a number of key issues within the current market. There is significant fragmentation with suppliers and buyers using different systems, many of which are archaic and not integrated nor have the functionality to interact or ‘talk’ with each other. They are also labour intensive to operate. Despite this, 70% of those surveyed stated that they realised more than 20% in time savings, as well as other OPEX benefits from their e-procurement system. They also reported the benefits of transparency, as well as the ability to track historical data. This demonstrates an understanding of, and appetite for, what a more sophisticated, digitalised e-procurement strategy can deliver. The whitepaper highlights a number of critical areas where maritime e-procurement will rapidly evolve, creating a more strategic approach to purchasing. It also highlights a number of core areas of technology development that have evolved in other more advanced markets outside of maritime, which will drive the necessary change in e-procurement in maritime over the next few years. »This includes a move from ERP-based systems to cloud computing systems that enable safe and secure application-based interfaces and central analytics that make automation easier and more cost effective. They also allow purchasing departments to share data directly with their supply chain, eradicating the problem of sharing data with suppliers who use different systems«, it is stated. Blockchain is said to also be embedded into future systems, »which will solve the challenge of siloed data, distributing data to known and identified members within an agreed network, and increasing efficiencies, because it uses a central, shared, secure record for storing data. In conjunction with this, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning«. These tools will also »solve the problem of the current lack of standardisation« where product descriptors are different from one buyer to another, by analysing and intuitively recognising specific products. n LUKOIL_Az_181x65_Kompass_auf_Wasser.qxp_Layout 1 25.01.16 13:13 Seite 1 Think LUKOIL! luboilorder@lukoil.com www.lukoilmarine.com HANSA International Maritime Journal – 156. Jahrgang – 2019 – Nr. 2 63

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