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Schifffahrt | Shipping RESEARCH PROJECT CLEAN Energy generation 2.0 on cruise ships The research project CLEAN – an industry-led network of companies and scientific institutions – is working on how anaerobic technology can be energy-efficiently tested, further developed and established on board cruise ships. Engineers from Carnival Maritime and Martin Membrane Systems cooperate with scientists from the Institute for Urban Water Management and Waste Technology at the University of Hanover and the training center Hohen Luckow to test innovative approaches to establish anaerobic technology on board cruise ships. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy supports the research and development project with financial support for three years. The project aims to produce biogas and thus a renewable source of energy at simultaneously recycling organic waste in an environmentally friendly fashion. »Having engaged in research project CLEAN, we hope for innovative, sustainable solutions, especially with regard to the generation and use of organic waste on board. At the same time, the residual quantities to be disposed of are to be significantly reduced again,« says Christoph Schladör, Head of Technical Projects at Carnival Maritime. So far, the research work focussed on environmentally friendly disposal of organic waste. With the new project, organic residues on cruise liners, especially in the form of leftovers, flotation and sewage sludge, are now being treated for the first time in such a way that they can be used as biogas. »The wastewater treatment and waste treatment is again significantly improved. For us this is an additional incentive to participate in the research project,« he emphasizes. The participating scientific partners are doing important preparatory work for the design of the process technology to be tested. This includes a detailed analysis of organic residues accumulating on board and, based on this, laboratory and semi-technical investigations of the reactor design. »The organic substrates on board are very heterogeneous and even new substrates are added, such as the flotates from the kitchen wastewater treatment. Therefore, the experience of land systems cannot be transferred to the ship system,« explains Kai Schumüller, who will work on the project at the University of Hanover. The preliminary investigations are followed by a test of the system technology on board an AIDA cruise ship in order to demonstrate the technical feasibility. M MV WERFTEN Construction begins on »Crystal Endeavor« MV Werften celebrated the commencement of the construction on Crystal’s new luxury expedition yacht, »Crystal Endeavor«, with the cutting of the first piece of steel at their Stralsund site. Employees and guests watched as the flame cutter was launched by members of the MV Werften and Genting managements, politicians and city officials. »The ›Crystal Endeavor‹ is a truly exceptional ship. We are proud to be able to implement this project and are particularly pleased to, once again, be starting shipbuilding activities in the Stralsund shipyard, creating hundreds of new jobs,« said Jarmo Laakso, CEO of MV Werften. »We look forward to this innovative expedition yacht with great anticipation in the Stralsund shipyard,« said Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, Genting Hong Kong Chairman and CEO. »A highlight is our investment of over 20 mill. € in new equipment so that the Stralsund shipyard will be able to build cruise ships efficiently in the future.« Set to debut in 2020, »Crystal Endeavor« will be the largest and most spacious purpose-built Polar Class ship featuring Crystal’s service, all-suite, butler-serviced accommodations, and choices for adventure in the world’s polar and most remote destinations. »With the first steel cutting in Stralsund, MV Werften successfully continues the course it has forged in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The further development of shipbuilding in the state will be the next stage of this company. Every newly built ship helps to safeguard the region’s future. Important industrial jobs are being created in Western Pomerania,« stated Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s Economics Minister Harry Glawe.M Elektrische Antriebe für Schiffswinden und Offshore, für NT-Betrieb bis -50°C electrical drives for marine winches and offshore, for LT-operation down to -50°C BEN BUCHELE ELEKTROMOTORENWERKE GMBH POPPENREUTHER STR. 49A 90419 NÜRNBERG POSTFACH 91 04 40 90262 NÜRNBERG TEL. +49 911 3748-0 FAX +49 911 3748-138 Internet: www.benbuchele.de E-Mail: info@benbuchele.de 44 HANSA International Maritime Journal – 155. Jahrgang – 2018 – Nr. 2 • Marinegeschäft (Crew/ • 24/7 Service 25 Jahre Erfahrung Inspektion/Technik) • feste Ansprech- • Offshoregeschäft partner – rufen Sie uns an • Business-Travel weltweit „Wir kümmern uns um SIE“ – Ihr unser Service FIRST REISEBUERO kennt keine • Weser Reisebuero Grenzen GmbH kompetenter Partner Herdentorsteinweg 42 • 28195 Bremen Tel. 0049-421-16288-0 • Fax 0049-421-1690807 Ihr kompetenter info@weser-reisebuero.de Partner im www.weser-reisebuero.de • Marinegeschäft (Crewing, Inspektion, Technik ... ) • Offshoregeschäft • Business-Travel weltweit Mit unserem flexiblem und professionellem Team und besten Tarifen aller namhafter Flug- First87x52.indd 1 18.01.13 10:42

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