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HANSA 02-2017

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HANSA 02-2017


est. 1864 INTERNATIONAL MARITIME JOURNAL 02|2017 SCHIFFFAHRT Maritime Hub Singapore Nord-Ostsee-Kanal Neue Versicherungspflicht SCHIFFSTECHNIK German shipyard survey HANSA’s »Ship of the year« Lubrication HÄFEN Rostock Wilhelmshaven Suez Canal Economic Zone ISSN 0017750-4 9 770017 750007 02 Februar 2017 | 154. Jahrgang ISSN 0017-7504 | C 3503 E | € 14,80 CLEAN ENERGY AT PORT environmentally friendly becker products The LNG Hybrid Barge generates clean energy for cruise ships at port. Compared to using on-board diesel engines to produce energy, the barge’s power supply dramatically reduces harmful emissions. Another concept, the LNG PowerPac®, has been developed in order to supply clean energy for other ships at port such as container, bulker or tanker vessels. Manoeuvring Systems Energy-Saving Devices LNG Hybrid Concepts

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